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My friend wants to lose fat belly. I found 1 website at

I did not want to embarrass my friend, but she keeps complaining about how she wants to lose her fat belly. Her tummy hangs over her belt and she cannot do anything to hide it.Yeh, Yeh, I know you are going to say she should exercise and all that.

She is desperate. So I went online to search for something that would encourage her and benefit her and found this website at and it was very informative. Take a look at it and tell me your thoughts. No BS. please. My friend is really hurting.

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4 Responses to “My friend wants to lose fat belly. I found 1 website at”

  1. loan6day said :

    I checked out the website and all I can say is WOW! I did not look at weight loss like that and there is more than enough information at this website to help your friend.

    I don’t have any weight problem, but I am sure going to recommend this one to my cousin and brother who are struggling with weight loss.

    I think you struck gold on this one. Good luck to you and your friend. I think you should go for this one and I will be recommending it to my friends also.

  2. makemusicnotwar16 said :

    it sounds legit

    i think she should go for it

  3. Sandra Y. said :

    I use to have the fattest stomach even though I always tried to stay active as much as possible.

    It wasn’t until I learned how to eat better was when I got a flatter stomach.

    Here’s a great site your friend can check out. It has great workout and diet tips and really helped and showed me what I was doing wrong….

    Good luck!

  4. Kevin said :

    I don’t like how the site puts an emphasis on losing weight can be done in a matter of days. Achieving a body type or level of fitness is a change in lifestyle, which usually involves changes in diet, activity level, and energy.

    What I did like about the information on the site though was the fact that it did not push for a starvation diet or obscene amounts of cardiovascular activity.

    I would not recommend all the information on the site to be anyone – especially if they are desperate for a remedy to their dilemma. I will recommend this, though:
    – First check if your friend is completely willing to lose her belly fat; otherwise, the effort to help her is wasteful.
    – If your friend is willing to make a commitment to losing her belly fat then she should first look at her diet. Usually there is a key flaw in the diet that may be contributing to her problem.
    – Eliminate the flaw and she’ll be one step closer to achieving her goal. Exercise never hurts too.

    Little changes will add up and over time your friend will see a difference. I can attest to that statement as this past summer I made a commitment to lose weight. I assessed my daily diet and I found out that my breakfasts were heavy and I drank too many calories (calories from juices, drinks etc). So to fix those flaws, I eat a little less at breakfast and drank water rather than flavored drinks. Every once in a while I would cheat and let myself go, but this summer I lost 15 pounds and I’m damn proud of that.

    Little changes make the biggest differences. Good luck and good luck to your friend.


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