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My Cat Is Loosing Weight Quickly And Is Showing Jaundice Symptoms, Need Advice ASAP!?

My cat is about 4 years in age. Since I have adopted her, she has not once had any major health issues. I have 2 other cats, and all 3 are indoor, on a very healthy diet, and see the vet for regular check ups. I began giving them canned food as a treat about 2 or 3 times a week. I had recently noticed that my 4 year old cat had been loosing weight…fast. I put together that she had stopped eating dry food all together, and only ate when I gave her the canned food. So I began giving it to her daily and monitored how much of it she would eat. In the past few days, she has barely been eating anything at all, she has lost more weight, and above her eyes, inside her ears, the lining of her eyes, and her lips are beginning to turn yellow. She is not looking herself, and i’m extremely worried. But, she is acting pretty normal. Sleeps during the day, stays up all night, plays with the other cats, ect. I called my vet this morning expecting to bring her in right away, but they can’t get her in until first thing tomorrow morning. Like i said, she doesn’t seem to be in any sort of pain, shes actually been more affectionate and she purrs as soon as i go near her. I guess I’m just looking for some good answers/info/tips. I also have to mention that I have been working at my local animal shelter for the past 5 months, in which i dealt with cats with contagious diseases such as FIP, FIV, leukemia, ect. But…I am as careful as possible, try to be clean and cautious. I remove my clothes as soon as I get home. But I am worried that i some how brought something home. Please help.

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8 Responses to “My Cat Is Loosing Weight Quickly And Is Showing Jaundice Symptoms, Need Advice ASAP!?”

  1. monkeygirl1129 said :

    Take it to the vet right now!! dont make an appointment! be a walk in hurry!

  2. *Cara* said :

    So get off the internet and take her to a vet immediately. Nobody can diagnose your cat over the internet. Why do people ask these questions?

  3. JP said :

    Could be a thyroid or similar issue, which would require a Vet visit. You’re smart to wash up after working in an animal shelter facility.

  4. Ocimom said :

    Emergency vet or your cat will die – jaundice is a sign of liver/kidney failure and she doesn’t have much longer. You may have to make the decision to let her go.

  5. Samantha.R said :

    go to the vet now, and please give your cats regular wet food, dry food is to accompany wet food and cats don’t thrive on it alone.

  6. Elaine M said :

    It’s not FIV none of those are signs of that. Your cat has a liver problem if the lips are turning yellow PLEASE get her in to a vets to be stabalized. I’d have taken her in as an emergency appointment if she’s that bad, they fit you in between the other appointments so you don’t wait.

    Make sure she gets water into her, and more food. Sudden weight loss like this needs to be handled aggressively to help the cat. In fact, if you can get her to any vet, do it now. She needs a blood test done, and a vet who will do a good look at her mouth for issues and testing for FIP and FeLV.

    but I can guarantee it’s not FIV. We have FIV cats, they don’t have symptoms like that. I’d suspect organ failure (which can be stabalized if you don’t wait too long). Take a poop sample in too if you can. And ask about toxic exposure.

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