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Medical insurance?

I need to put my fiance on my medical bc I really think he needs to see a doctor soon. But for the good insurance it would be 120 every paycheck. I live paycheck to paycheck now so that would be very hard. This one insurance offered is 70 bucks a check BCBS high deductible. Now its like 80% covered after the deductible. I mean I do not know how good this is. I mean we prolly don’t need a doctor but a few times a year and he needs to go soon. So what could I expect to pay for a doctors visit and presciption medicine?
He gets out of breath easily coughs a lot of phlegm wheezy…
Yes they will cover him, it is spouse or domestic partner you do not have to be married. The 120 a check (240 a month) all i have to pay is a co pay. I just don’t know what to do.

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4 Responses to “Medical insurance?”

  1. loriburkecook said :

    It really depends on what’s wrong with him, but a general dr visit in NJ costs between $90 and $250. Medication can run anywhere from $15 to hundreds of dollars.

  2. ASHESLYNN812 said :

    It is really hard to say. It depends on what the office call is and what the doctors diagnosis is. Then after that the medication that he is put on and if he can get a generic or if he needs the name brand.

    If you have a high deductable and it hasn’t been all covered, then you may end up paying for most of the visit anyway.

    Maybe he should look into getting his own individual medical insurance.

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck!!

  3. insuranceguytx said :

    Do you really think that you will outsmart an insurance company?

    Think about your bf’s situation from an insurance company’s perspective. He has some symptoms – may be a short term allergy (inexpensive) or it may be something serious (and expensive) or something in between. You could put your bf on your insurance at a cost of $120 every two weeks. It may turn out to be nothing. It may be serious. Without the insurance, your bf will have to pay all of the costs. You can transfer that RISK to an insurance company for $120. Be aware that the insurance company MAY impose restrictions on what the policy will cover when you add your bf on the policy. Read the policy carefully.

  4. melmo33 said :

    80% coverage after your deductible is met is about as good as you are going to be able to do.

    Did you check and see if you can even add him on to yours? AT my company, I cannot add my fiancee until we are married.

    Doctors vsit will be about $300 each time, depending on where you live. Specialists are more. My allergy medicine is $200/month if I didn’t have insurance.

    High deductible plans mean you will hvae to spend $2,000+ before anything is covered. For someone living paycheck to paycheck, that would be rough. Adding him on, if you are able to as I mention above, would be easier because then it is a fixed amount.

    My high deductible plan was $9.00 a check…if your’s is really going to be $70 per check, thats a bad deal.


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