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Lost Weight?

I Am 17 160 Pounds I Wanna lost weight and come really skinny just like when i was more skinny i dont wanna hear its not good i know could u just help me and tell me how to do this get skinny but im kinda cut like my abs and my arms and stuff if i loss weight will i lost that to thank you

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4 Responses to “Lost Weight?”

  1. mangoluvva said :

    kay here r some good weight loss tips…
    drink plenty water
    cut back on snacking
    eat lots of fruits and veggies
    eat whole grains for carbs, not white rice and pasta
    eat smaller portions
    stop eating after 8 pm
    exercise daily!moderation and enjoy life..dont deprive ureself

  2. Erika W said :

    I am on weight watchers you only get 25 points a day the points are split from the calories in your food so far i lost 30 pounds in only 2 weeks also i exercise almost every morning

  3. Nels N said :

    I’ve lost weight by staying away from carbohydrates; (rice, bread, potatoes, corn, and sugar mostly). It is hard to do, because ‘carbs’ are everywhere, but it worked for me.

  4. Len M said :

    Go to this site and download their E-book, I’m sure it will help you!


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