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Losing Weight?

I would like to know what is the best method to losing weight and becoming more healthy.
I have tried all methods like swimming, exercising, slim fast etc, but none of them have helped me!

All answers are appreciated apart from the stupid ones.

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24 Responses to “Losing Weight?”

  1. bootleg said :

    eat less and no snacking, eat to live and do not live to eat.

  2. Jack @ said :

    stop eating chocs and chips and fattttttttt and cut amount you eat of everything in half and fill yaself up on water oh and get paul Mc something hynotherapy book

  3. biatchie28 said :

    its all in the portions, never eat all thats on your plate get out of the house walk run swim its not just going to fall off you, keep a regiment stick to it never say never

    I’m working it sister you can to 🙂

  4. sara j said :

    what worked for me real well was eating till i was not hungry anymore and not until i was full

  5. bootsjeansnpearls said :

    Keep exercising and try using weights. I have been in the gym for 6 months and have only lost 12 lbs but I have gone down 2 sizes in my clothes because I have toned and strenghtened.
    I got discouraged and wanted to quit but I didn’t and I m now seeing better results. I promise if you stay with it you will lose the weight and feel better.


  6. coral_deolali said :

    don’t eat junc food and do exercises regularly

  7. GirlinNB said :

    Here’s what I did. I eat rice, potatoes, chicken and fish. No red meats, no french fries, chips, pops etc. In stead of using a large dinner plate, use one of the medium size for portion control. And eat one time that meal, NEVER go for seconds. Exercise 3-4 times a week plus weight train (can do this at home with soup cans if you need to).

    I’ve lost 70 pounds at a rate of approximately 2-3 pounds each week. Up the water intake to 10 glasses a day until you lose, then you can cut back to 8 glasses with one glass of milk every day. And one thing to always remember, BREAKFAST is key to good weight loss.

  8. ///oo/\ said :

    I think drinking plenty of water is key because it helps keep the cravings down by keeping you full try drinking like 8 glasses of water a day and you’ll see what I mean,it will be really hard at fisrt but after a while you’ll get used to it and exercise daily at least 45 min,dancing is good for you too it gets your heart going.
    If you don’t sweat,you don’t loose thats my philosiphy anyway good luck I know how hard it is trust me.

  9. ziggy v said :

    Just a balanced healthy diet and exercises!
    Eat small meals five or six times a day. If you only eat once or twice a day, the body thinks it’s being starved and stores fat. cut out as many foods as you can that have been processed in any way. No sugar, salt or additives preservatives or colourants.
    This should be enough!

  10. DemonicaB said :

    Sorry but it’s healthy eating and exercise.

    Do you much much to lose? If you’re at an ideal weight then it can be very hard to shift any more.

    Watching stodgy carbs can help ie bread, pasta. Swapping to brown or wholegrain versions of things too.

    Sweet potato is better than the normal kind.

    Avoid most yoghurts and “diet” snacks as they often contain huge amounts of sugar.

    Make sure you’re getting enough calcium and good fats.

    Some people find drinking either green or redbush tea helps.

    Drink lots of water, ideally 2-3 litres.

    Check your portion sizes. Sometimes we may have more cereal than we should or pile on too much pasta without noticing.

    Now I just have to try practising what I preach! lol

  11. kope k said :

    Cut the red meat, the fats, the salt, the sugars (esp processed).

    try boiled veggies, lots of water and a little bit of running in the morning and night.

    worked for me i lost 60 lbs in 3 months!

  12. jockchick said :

    my boyfriend did the cabbage soup diet and it really worked. you eat the soup every day but you eat other things on different days over one week. you even get to eat steak and chicken or fish! its just a kickstart but its amazing and the soup tastes ok too. plus you aren’t left hungry coz you eat your soup or other food when you feel hungry. exercise is vital too. find something you enjoy doing

  13. wolviej said :

    eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta is also good, eat little meat. but if you do make sure its as lean as possible. exercise is good even if its a brisk walk something is better than nothing and don’t think your fat start to think positively this will also help you. if you think negatively then you’ll see yourself in a negative light, think positive then you’ll start to see a different you

  14. Kentrell F said :

    Right before you eat something, try drinking alot of water. That would fill you up, & you will not eat as much as you would usually cause the water filled you up. Try it, I promise it works!

  15. Cubalishus said :

    Believe it or not the best way to lose weight is to eat three healthy meals a day, you could try logging on to and have a look at their eating plans, you can even download a seven day healthy diet from their website, recipes and tips too, it is a good eating plan and you can even have little treats for yourself everyday, good luck.

  16. smileyhamster2003 said :

    I’m afraid that it really is a simple case of not eating as much as you are. As you are already doing exercise then it falls back on the eating side of things.

    If you are going to lose weight in the long term then you need to change your eating habits and that can be really hard to do especially if, like me, you like to snack.

    Also, if you are very over weight then your matabolism can be a bit slugish and not release the fats – this is often the case for so-called yo-yo dieters. The body hits a siege or famine mechanism and starts storing sugars which are converted to fats as a response to not knowing what will come next. What you have to do is convince you body that you will be treating it properly and it will start to give up it’s fats. It slows your matabolism down so that you don’t use up as much energy but there are ways of overcoming this.

    Try eating several small meals at regular times and make them last. Hurrying over food means you are likely to eat more as your brian hasn’t had the time to catch up with you stomach. And make sure that you have a solid breakfast to help you over the munchy period mid morning. You should start seing results soon but if you have lost and gained weight in the past then it might take a while to see some differences, but they are happeneing.

    A few years back my sisiter and I lost loads of weight (8 Stone between us) by just eating smaller portions and taking a bit more exercise so this way is possible. The weight lose is not as dramatic as following something like the atkins but neither of us has put the weight back on.

    Good luck

  17. -x-lil-kate-x- said :

    it would be hard 2 tell because i know nothing about you.
    you could be a person who is an absolute couch potato and just sits there all day eating junk.
    you could be a person who gets out there not necessarly exersise just simple things and your diet could be normal
    my advise it that if you are very worried go and see a dietitian and a Personal exersise person (srry 4 got wt u call them) and they will help you get fit

    good luck!

  18. lisaero said :

    It’s all part of a healthy balanced diet!! Obviously there are no quick fixes and it can take awhile to lose alot of weight. The recommended amount is somewhere between 1-2 lbs a week. If you really are struggling how about joining a slimming club who can help set up a diet plan for you along with exercise. Maybe consult a nutritionist or a doctor as well!! Good luck

  19. chicabuena said :

    I cut down on the carbs and walked (briskly) for at least half an hour everyday. Basically, I ate mostly green salads and meat, for dessert: fruit. I didn’t totally stop eating carbs because that’s just impossible, like when I go to the in-law’s house for dinner, they like their potatoes and pasta, so I just ate half the amount I used to and snacked on nuts or fruit afterwards. I know it sounds boring, but it worked! I’ve lost 10 kilos (in 2 months) and I’m down to my ideal size.
    P.S. Feel free to have salad cream on your salads, it’s not that harmful.

  20. Groid said :

    Don’t go overboard on any diet/regeime as you’ll get fed up with it and it will start to take over your life. Cut out junk food and think carefully about what you eat.

    Always have fruit and water at hand. If you have to go to a shop when you get hungry or thirsty, you’ll see things that tempt you and are more likely to buy junk. Try to eat all your favourite ‘good’ foods. I love soups and stews so I’ll make these and enjoy them. If you follow a strict diet that is full of foods you dont really like you will never stick to it. Make simple, tasty meals and be organised so you dont find yourself going for a takeaway as it’s handy.

    Bring a healthy lunch into work so you wont be tempted to go to the cafe and have a fry up!

    Vegetables should cover 2 thirds of your plate, meat and starchy food one third.

    Dont deny yourself treats – have a biscuit occasionally and go for the ones that are lowest in fat (say like Jaffa Cakes for example).

    Exercise is very important. You can exercise by walking and doing housework too.

    I went from size 14 to size 8 by just following my own advice. Just hope I keep the weight off now!

  21. nixxx said :

    counting calories is a good way. find out how many calories per day you should take.
    don’t snack.
    always eat fresh fruit and vegetables as much as possible
    cut out all alcohol, at least until your target weight.
    it just bloats you and makes you grave more food.
    walk everywhere possible.
    eat porridge for breakfast with fruit on top
    cut out all sugar and salt out of your food.
    try to cut out all processed foods
    and drink lots and lots and lots of water
    Good luck!

  22. Linaloe said :

    have lost 10lb since 4th September eating healthy,changed white bread for rye with sunflower,no processed stuff I dont have a sweet tooth so that wasn’t a problem but my weekness is red meat I just love it I havent stopped eating it just cut down to about 100grams with a meal plus lots of fresh veg,oh & I make my gravy just a bit thinner & pour less on my food.just another 2 stone to go & I’ll be happy!! Good luck.

  23. Pitambri said :

    Eat only fibrous food in moderation and do some exercise.

  24. Saider said :

    It’s all about healthy eating, not dieting per se. I found its 20% fitness and 70% eating properly. Taking meal replacement protein from to keep you full in the mornings helped me massively, but the secret is to get out of bad habits by creating different ways by being inventive with fresh ingredients but without bland tastes.


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