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Losing some weight in my mid section?

i am a skinny kid i am 6 feet and use to weigh 140 since college 5 months ago i gained 20 lbs my arms and legs are still skinny i dont know where it went… belly seems to where most of the fat is gone..i am going to start running…will this help me lose some of the weight i put on?

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3 Responses to “Losing some weight in my mid section?”

  1. charrrrrl said :

    it sure will, however i wouldnt measure your weight loss using scales because you will be gaining muscle from running! but you will be able to feel a difference around your stomach! you could combine it with eating less and doing stomach crunches or press ups!x

  2. xmarcax said :

    Of course running is great carido exercise. while you are running to plan to sprint to a certain spot then jog. Jumping jacks and boxxing are other great caridos. good luck

  3. scott39_2000 said :

    What you’ll find as you get older is that getting rid of the “spare tire” MOSTLY comes down to the fat grams and calories you take in. Exercise can play a part, but it’s mostly a matter of controlling fat and caloric intake.


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