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Loose 20kgs in 10 weeks- Possible or Impossible?

My school ball is coming up in august and man…i am not ready for it.
My weight has ping ponged like Oprah’s and now im over weight again, 85.7 kgs to be exact.
I know its unhealthy to loose that much weight so quickly but this is my only ball- ive dreamed
about etc…you know how it is girls!,
So my overall question is- is it possible to loose 20 kgs in 10 weeks?

Thanks guys,
Im short to- 160 cm

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17 Responses to “Loose 20kgs in 10 weeks- Possible or Impossible?”

  1. Trolln said :

    It is possible.

    Excercise like a champion and eat filling foods that don’t contain much calories, e.g Salad.

  2. me said :

    It is possible if you follow your diet exactly the way it should be followed with intensive exercise; however, burning that much weight in a very short period of time has its consequences. You might re-gain all the weight you lost as soon as you stop your diet. I suggest you consult a dietitian or a nutritionist for a healthy maintenance diet.

  3. subhi said :

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  4. Shirley said :

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