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Lifted weights 2 times a week but not gaining muscle?

I’ve been lifting weights pretty much 2 times a week for two years or so, gaining little arm muscle although getting into better shape. But my bud started working out for less than a year and he’s gotten nice arm muscles. What am I doing wrong? I curl and 45 degree bench just like he does.

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6 Responses to “Lifted weights 2 times a week but not gaining muscle?”

  1. Titanic said :

    Just because you don’t have muscle doesn’t mean you are weak. Sometimes it can depend how our bodies were made when we were all born.

  2. crazysk8tr15 said :

    you have to keep on increasing the weight you lift in order for you to get muscle and get bigger

  3. Tj said :

    Get more protein and workout a little bit more. Workout a different part every week if you would like. He might just have been doing more.

  4. Justin W said :

    well it depends what kind of muscle you want. You didnt specify but have you been doing the same weight the whole time? If so then you probably have really toned, defined muscle. If you have been increasing weight then maybe more reps/sets or more than twice a week.

  5. . said :

    lose weight to see the muscles…. maintain a proper healthy diet

  6. short_pale_n_ugly said :

    EAT eat eat! eat. (eat). You need lots of lean protein. How lots? How about 1 gram per lb of body weight, MINIMUM. Whey protein is good for this. Meal replacement shakes with whey protein are great.

    You can bust this up to 5 or 6 small meals a day, you need to shock your body into weight gain.

    Make sure you’re not lifting something that’s light enough that you can do more than 8 reps in a row.


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