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Know any good diets to lose weight fast?

I currently run for an hour every night, I try to avoid starches but I seem to have hit a rut, cant seem to lose more weight still about 22 pounds over weight… any good suggestions, I have three months left to go.

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4 Responses to “Know any good diets to lose weight fast?”

  1. Pedram T said :

    watch your calorie intake in your food, drink plenty of water. Do some aerobics to target your abs. get your essential vitamins though. stay away from the junk food as well.

  2. Besssie said :

    watch your calorie intake – if you eat 1200 calories everyday and do your running, you will lose weight.

  3. grace m said :

    calculate your body’s metabolic rate(BMR)
    BMR = (weight in pounds) x 13

    for example here’s mine…
    BMR = 100 X 13 = 1300

    now, the bmr tells you how many calories you burn a day to stay alive.
    i burn 1300 a day. if i eat 1300 calories a day, i should stay the same weight (in theory).

    now if i were to eat less than 1300cals then my body would need to burn calories from somewhere else because the food i ate didnt have enough calories in to give me energy.

    therefor it would burn calories from my body fat.

    for example.
    if i ate 600 calories in a day, my body would burn those 600 calories from my food and 500 from my body fat (which means its burnt 1300 calories)


    now, 3500 calories is 1lbs in weight.
    so if i were to eat only 600 calories everyday for 7 days, i would loose a pound.

    this is how much weight id loose, by only eating 600 cals, and thats all. i’d loose 1 pound in a week without excercize, just existing.
    but if i were to run for 20mins a day, aswell as only eat 600 cals,
    it would only take 5 days to burn off 1lbs

  4. Jenra said :

    Acai is a good supplement to help with weight loss. You can get some to try for free. This site lists and reviews different brands that have free trial offers –

    Good luck with your weight loss!


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