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Is Zumba a good workout for slimming thighs and toning glutes?

I love aerobics and dance, so Zumba seems like a great option for me. I am focusing on slimming my thighs and toning my glutes. I’m looking for some reviews on Zumba before I purchase the DVDs.

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3 Responses to “Is Zumba a good workout for slimming thighs and toning glutes?”

  1. juliettavirgo said :

    I take Zumba at my local Y. I love it. It is fun to do. As they say, if you can’t keep up with the moves, just shake something and smile. As for glutes and thighs, I don’t know about how well it works those areas. We do a lot of squat stuff in our class so it does work there some. But I’ve had better work outs for those areas just on the thigh weight machines. Why not see if you can take a class somewhere (the YMCA maybe? or check local gyms and see if they will letyou take a complimentary class.) If you like latin dancing though it should be great.

  2. Michael_Jackson_4ever! said :

    I love Zumba! It is like so fun! You would definitely get a great work out.

    Hope I helped. <3

  3. Zumba Lady said :

    I teach Zumba and I LOVE it! If you are overweight you will definitely lose weight doing Zumba. But I don’t find it particularly good for toning thighs and rear. I usually stay after class to lift weights. I incorporate a lot of squat-like moves in my class, but I still feel flabby in those areas unless I lift weights. When I used to run, my thighs and butt were in great shape. Can’t run anymore thanks to foot pain so Zumba is a great alternative for a super calorie blaster. Just don’t think it is going to fulfill your needs for toned thighs/glutes. I say go ahead any buy the DVD’s anyways for it is just so much FUN! Do some squats/lunges afterwards with some dumbells for a good 15 minutes afterwards to get the toned thighs/glutes you want.


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