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Is there an medicine that makes your adult teeth grow faster?

Please, I need help! Im a 12 year old x] & I feel embarrased, Im loosing like 4 baby teeth, and i wanna know if there is any medicine? I remember going to mexico and they gave me some kind of medicine that made my two front teeth grow adult side, but i wanna know if they have any here in California. Walgreens? Or something. Please, I hate this moment. Anyone?

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4 Responses to “Is there an medicine that makes your adult teeth grow faster?”

  1. Lilly said :

    hmm not sure about that medicine. but don’t worry, I know how you feel. I’m almost 14 and am still missing my top canine teeth, and I’m getting braces. bleh. but if your loosing the teeth naturally, this means the adult teeth are right underneath. it wont be too long until they grow in.
    good luck =)

  2. grandpa walleye said :

    The only medicine is time. Be patient and things will get much better.

  3. tarly said :

    While it might be embarrassing missing teeth at your age, everybody has the same problem sometime. Nature will take its time and your teeth will come through. One of my children’s teeth fell out late last year and has only now appeared. The longer they take to come through, the better you will be at cleaning your teeth. The “medicine” you got in Mexico was probably only a placebo to make you feel better and it was coincidence that they came through quickly.

  4. Rekhilesh said :

    me also facing this same!!!


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