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Is there a way lose lose weight fast?

By fast i mean likee 6 months?

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7 Responses to “Is there a way lose lose weight fast?”

  1. britty said :

    eat healthy,
    exercise 5 days a week for about an hour (running, yoga, pilates, anything to burn calories)

    don’t do any of those diets that take stuff out like carbs, or anything,
    and don’t crash diet,
    it’s unhealthy.
    just try and keep the junk food to a minimum of a serving a week.

    also, if your metabolism is slow, you should try to eat 5 smaller meals a day,
    it keeps your metabolism going.
    i did that and lost like 10 lbs in probably 2 months…..

  2. dunrobin46 said :

    Eat less and exercise more.

    Avoid Leonar’ds link it is a scam website looking to make money out of you.

  3. rko245994 said :

    Eat like a poor individual train a lot

  4. David B said :

    Yes cholera. Not recommended.

  5. Ryan W said :

    squeeze out a massive poo poo

  6. Max H said :

    Well it depends, I lost 5 stone in 8 months from 16 stone to 11 stone

    Check out my pics;_ylt=AsqpfX9RERWxk0as3KygfcEgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080827152839AAplW77

    But I was very big for my age close to morbidally obese, and now i’m in the healthy range, and I dieted harshly, depends on your will power.

  7. William B said :

    I saw this product called Acai Berry on Oprah the other week.. Looked like all the other diet scams, but I went for it and ordered a 14-day free trial from this site.. And guess what, it really works!! I’m so happy I’ve already lost weight, gotten more energy and my stomach is flatter than ever!


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