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Is Tea bad for u whilst dieting and toning?

Im trying to lose a little weight and also tone at the same time, espcially my belly. Ive been drinking a lot of cups of tea lately and just wondering what effect this might have on my dieting etc? By tea I mean regular tea with low fat milk and half a sugar….. and i dont drink cups and cups, just around 4 a day but i didnt usually do this until about a month ago.

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4 Responses to “Is Tea bad for u whilst dieting and toning?”

  1. dP said :

    Tea is great for you, I’d suggest drinking it black just to avoid the extra calories but you aren’t taking in that much sugar/cream so as long as you dont overdo it you should be fine

  2. Voxi said :

    tea is great! if you want to make sure it’s even better you can switch to decaffe tea, use whole milk(has less sugar than low fat) and use honey instead of processed sugar.

  3. Ang said :

    tea is fine – especially green tea – and adding lemon to your tea will help to cleanse the liver (so i hear)…just make sure you aren’t adding milk or sugar to your tea and you should be fine

  4. Tim J said :

    No tea is fairly innocuous. What is bad for you is the sugar you’re putting in it – empty calories and highly refined carbohydrate. The milk will also add calories (I not sure there are many calories in black tea to be honest), so either cut out just the sugar (it’s more refreshing that way anyhow) or perhaps both sugar AND milk. If you find black tea too bitter, try green tea, but only brew it for a short time before drinking it as it can get very bitter when brewed for as long as black tea.

    Tea (both green and black) also contains antioxidants which are good for you.

    For another alternative, try Jasmine tea (no milk or sugar). Very refreshing.

    As a general rule you shouldn’t really drink more than about 6 cups of tea per day, but as most of it’s water you can count it as part of your daily water ration 🙂


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