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Is smoothies a healthy way to lose the last stone? or can you give me ideas?

I have lost 3 stone to date and have been stuck at 11 st 3 for the past 2 months, im going on holiday in 4 weeks. Is smoothies a healthy option i want to lose between half a stone and a stone b4 i go, i am also walking 3 times a day to help this along. Any tips or help much appreciated.
All fresh fruit made myself in a smoothie maker. x

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12 Responses to “Is smoothies a healthy way to lose the last stone? or can you give me ideas?”

  1. sheru said :

    yeah sure..they are very healthy…i use the protien shakes in the mornings..sustagen with fibre..its yum fullof vitamins and fibre..i add fruit and make a smoothy

  2. Scottish Girl said :

    Congratulations, 3 stone is a big achievement.

    Smoothies are good for you, but like everything else, in moderation. They are full of fruit sugar, so still contain quite a lot of calories.

    Sometimes when loosing weight you do stop for a while, I know you want to get rid of the weight before your holidays, but the best thing to do for long term loss is to be patient.

    Have a great holiday and good luck with the last bit of weight.

  3. Nutty Girl said :

    that last stone is gonna be the tough one the exercise has to be upped and calories strict and its always the last bit thats the toughest as some weeks the scales just stay the same .
    Eat more salad through the week and the smoothies will help fill you between meals the drinking of more water will help and hopefully you will reach your goal. you have done really well to date keep it up.

  4. Redhead said :

    Be careful a lot of fruit in smoothies not good for you – a lot of hidden sugar (fructose)
    On a diet – two pieces of fruit a day is enough – try eating more salads or veggies.

  5. Lyd said :

    congrats on losing 3st…and yes smoothies are a good way. using natural fruit they are very healthy. but also have one wen you usually feel a little bit hungry like 11 in the morning maybe then again at 3 in the afternoon. they will fill you right up you wont feel hungry at all.
    i know a girl who was already 9st and all she did was eat her normal diet and drank smoothies when she was hungry instead of crisps etc and she lost a stone with in no time
    there good for you…you feel great and look great!!

  6. Hasbeen said :

    you can but once you stop only the smoothies you will put it on again.

  7. dee said :

    no smoothies are bad unless all your going to put in is like low fat milk or yogurt and fruits. and that doesnt taste very good. but if that works yeah its ok.

    try eating grapefruit it really good for you and yummy. thats better than the calories you get from milk and yogurt.

    anyway eat a very big breakfeast. its supposed to balance out the day so you dont eat as much later. try eating dinner at around maybe 7pm.. and then try not to eat anything that has calories after dinner. dont eat a late dinner because then all that fat/cals stay with you because you go to sleep and dont burn anything off really

    oh and a tip if you love your chocolate try to eat in the morning. put chocolate chips in cereal or something like that idk. anyway its better to eat something really fatty/sugary in the morning because then you have the whole day to work it off.

    oh and for exercise try adding a bit of weight in. even a one pound or two pound weight is good if you dont want to much muscle or if its too stressful for your body to lift weights. if theyre small weights you can carry them as you walk and your arms will be totally toned.

    for your backside and thighs do squats and lunges. if you have stairs this is a really good workout for your backside too:: run down the stairs and then walk up the stairs taking two steps at a time do it over and over again until you feel the burn =D

    if its ugly outside you can always find a way to exercise inside. get a tape like dance or yoga and i recommend tae-bo its so fun and good for you. and you can always jump rope or something..

    good luck sweetie!

  8. MrsB2B said :

    Congratulations on your great success so far… I too have lost 3 stone over the past 2 years (slowly but surely I know) but have always been told to avoid smoothies as the sugar is greatly increased when the fruit is pulped, I would recommend, drinking lots and lots of water, and eat more veg, I dont find salads filling enough but lots of lovely greens with some healthy chicken/turkey is excellent for moving the next couple of pounds…. You might wanna up the exercise too.. Swimming and Trampolining are great fun and dont make you feel like your exercising…

  9. Dr Frank said :

    Smoothies are really high in concentrated calories and are far too easy to drink quickly. They are thus a particularly poor choice for dieters.

    You need to power walk or jog if you really want to use up some calories and modestly reduce your calorie intake.

  10. Michael G said :

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  11. ALEXANDER M said :

    you need to see you’re Dr or a Dietitian as they will be able to tell you you’re body mass index as you might all ready be at the recommended weight for you’re height as after all the loss in weight you’ree body will stop at the weight that is suited to you’r height i would recommend that you have a cereal for you’re breakfast and not a cooked one as this will just add to the problem and a fulfilling lunch that will see you until dinner time and then do not have anything that is high in fat or dairy products as they are hard for the body to digest as the body starts to close its digestive process about dinner time and if you had fatty food they would just sit there all night and cause pain and then you will not get a good night sleep. i recommend that you see your Dr as soon as you can before trying any diet that others have recommended to you even myself. thanks

  12. ellen h said :

    you can but once you stop only the smoothies you will put it on again,, but very good for u


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