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is it worth buying a 300 pound motorized treadmill for jogging? i cant afford anything more expensive?

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13 Responses to “is it worth buying a 300 pound motorized treadmill for jogging? i cant afford anything more expensive?”

  1. phienyxx said :

    As long as it does the job of getting your heart rate up to where you want it for as long as you want to burn calories, it should be good enough. Price matters not.

  2. gingertod said :

    no – i thought same thing
    either – jog around the block OR
    buy a skipping rope

  3. Allan P said :

    Don’t forget that good ol’ ebay can help you find a much more expensive one for much less than 300 quid from a lapsed keepfit-ite.

  4. J.V said :

    I bought some Gym gears and like many other people I Know, I used it for a little while only, A gym is the way to go, it will keep you motivated, you will get support from professionals and it feels great. I stopped going, but it lasted much longer.

  5. stevieb993 said :

    if you believe that you can afford it go for it. but i would recommend just jogging around the block or finding a nearby track before buying it. Also, you can join the local gym and just use the treadmills there. To answer your question, no it is not worth buying the treadmill unless you absolutely have no other alternative

  6. Mike F. said :


    If you use it…it’s worth it. You might want to consider walking / jogging outdoors first, though. Look around your area and see if there are parks or other open areas that would be a nice spot to go for a walk or a jog. If you deduce that a treadmill is the best way to go, check out the buying tips page below for some ways to get the most for your money. Best of luck!

    – Mike

  7. countrymusicfan#1 said :

    as long as it works, it should be fine

  8. Five Chins said :

    You need to have the treadmill on an incline for it to make any difference to your fitness, if it does not have this option then don’t bother and keep your cash in your pocket. The reason for this is that when you run on a tread on 0% incline, the only effort you put in is throwing your foot forward as the belt drags your leg back so you are not pushing off to go forward (if that makes sense) In other words, the tread is doing most of the work for you on 0% incline.

  9. red lady-bird said :

    Why spend £300 on this? give the money to charity and get running the streets, woods and fields.

  10. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    It would be worth buying it if you use it a lot.

    My gym membership costs me £30 a month – so for your £300 you could have 10 months in the gym. Im not saying do that though, but I would consider joining one for a year, if you still go at the end of the year and only use the treadmill then I would say go and get one, if you have given up on the idea of a treadmill before then then the idea might not have been worth it. (oh, the benefit of the gym if you want to do running on a treadmill is that the machines get serviced by them and not you,and you have a choice of other machines to use, some have a pool as well. The local authority gyms can be good value instead of the private ones)

    In the summer it is much nicer to run on the streets,parks, wood or beach (remember that you can travel somewhere nice inthe car to go for a run – you dont have to go out fromyour front door)

    As for the actuall treadmill, yes, buy one if you want, look on e-bay perhaps for a good quality second hand one – better one than a £300 brand new one. Check it will go as fast as you want (some will only go to 11 mph – fast but not a sprint), and that they have an incline facility.

  11. JL said :

    No just run outside, its more fun. or just use the gym- thats about £2 a session and you can do weights

  12. Carole G said :

    Dont be stupid, 300 pound will not get you a decent one, to do anything worthwhile it needs a speed from between 8 to 16 mph if you want to get a decent work out. I dont agree with treadmill personally. Why not join a gym it may work out cheaper and more enjoyable or even be brave and go outside. ha ha

  13. Ryan L said :

    as long as it works


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