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Is it possible to reverse minor PCOS through losing weight?

I have read that although there is no cure for PCOS, it can be reversed or treated, losing weight being one of the ways . Medically speaking, a woman with minor PCOS can regain regular periods if she loses weight.
I want to verify whether or not reversing it is actually possible through losing weight, even though it is more difficult for women with PCOS?

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to reverse minor PCOS through losing weight?”

  1. imthing2 said :

    My friends doctor told her that yes it can be reversed through losing weight (although that is much more difficult than usual because of the PCOS). There are also some medications that help in the meantime including gloucophage, metformin, and birth control helps regulate hormones a bit.

  2. gothgirl032002 said :

    although you will never get rid of the pcos you can reduse the size of the cysts by eating a low fat diet and exercise
    there are some wonderful books on how to tame the side effects yes.

  3. Ella said :

    I tried losing weight and it didnt make a pick of difference the only thing that sorted me out was having my daughter (although they told me my chances of concieving were slim). It seemed to give my body a jump start and everything has gone back too normal im even pregnant again and concieved naturally this time. Good luck and hope this helped x

  4. VTR1000 Lady said :

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  5. Unknown said :

    I was diagnosed with pcos 4 days ago.. And I’ve taken control of my diet and health which my doctor told me loose 20 lbs and keep eating healthy there’s no need for birth control however I’m going to try a more natural way without medications iv lost 5 lbs in 4 days still eating healthy Raw veges no carbs it’s easy for me I thought it would be hard but it’s not keep at it stay motivated also you can do anything you want with motivation.. Also my friend did the natural way for a yr she is 100% cured doctores did 2 ultrasounds and 2 blood tests to confirm and it’s true her pcos gone completely she lost 30 lbs in one yr she’s still loosing she plans to loose 20 more doctor was so amazed and I have the same doctor she told eat healthy no carbs become a vegetarian eat only organic foods for bread eat rye bread drink tons and tons of water.. Only thing m not sure is wat supplements we have to take?


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