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Is it possible to lose fat while gaining muscle?

I am a relatively small guy, but do have belly and face fat that I wanna lose (quickly). I also wanna gain muscle. Is it possible for me to lose the fat while gaining muscle, or do I need to do it one step at a time? Please explain this to me.

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3 Responses to “Is it possible to lose fat while gaining muscle?”

  1. metahead1015 said :

    Yes it is possible but you have to start out with small excersices. You can work out your belly by doing crunches and jack knives. You can also lift weights to gain even more muscle.

  2. Poetryking911 said :

    Simple answer, Yes. The more muscle you gain you’ll be burning fat, but the more weight you lose the less calories your body will burn until you become leaner. If you’re weigth lifting and hitting your cardio hard then you’ll be doing both at the same time, it’ll be the point of working out.

  3. Hannibal The Cannibal said :

    It’s completely possible but you need to listen to your body (how it responds to weight training, how it responds to food).

    I did it, and it was very easy.


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