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Is it possible to keep fit without losing weight?

I’ve recently bought an exercise bike to help me keep fit but i don’t want to lose any weight as i’m already underweight for my height, is there any fitness programme I can follow to improve my fitness but not lose weight? (plus i’m vegetarian so can’t bulk up with steak etc).

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4 Responses to “Is it possible to keep fit without losing weight?”

  1. orclover<3 said :

    You can still bulk up with protein that’s not from an animal source. Just make sure you are eating a little more than you burn and you should be fine.

  2. Gem =) said :

    firstly dont use the exercise bike too much 🙂
    And drink plenty of water

    Get some dumbells to use these will give you more weight it musce 🙂

    Eat carbs x

  3. StephaD said :

    try not to do cardio soo much, do more weight training. like five or ten lbs. Take protein shakes, and eat a lot of carbs!! You can also do weights while you ride your bike.

  4. jaimesredrose said :

    Yes you can stay fit and maintain your weight while exercising. To maintain your weight you just need 2-4 days of exercise, eat well, drink water.What you need is plyometric training. Like taking an aerobic step or a couple stacked and jumping on them and then jumping off again, going over hurdles. Google it and it will give you a better understanding. Plyometric training helps improve performance.


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