Is it possible to get fit in 1 month?

I need to get in good shape for the football season do you think it is possible to do in 1 month? What would you recommend the best way of getting the highest level of fitness? Would you recommend taking supplements while doing any exercise? What would you recommend eating? The main aim is to get fit so i can play the full match at a high pace so endurance is definitely needed but most are used in football anyway.
I am willing to work very hard for this.

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One Response to “Is it possible to get fit in 1 month?”

  1. rich99 said:

    No you can’t. What you can do is pretrain and stretch your muscles so that you don’t get injured during the match. So you would do some overall strength training and cardio. Just that will get you sore for the first 2 weeks. After you recover continue training more. This way, your muscle will at least get accustomed to the type of exercise that you need. For running, you could do some 5km runs.

    I could only recommend creatine as supplement because it will make a difference during your match. Anything else will require too much time to have a noticeable effect.


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