Is it possible to build muscle without gaining fat?

I recently lost alot of weight and now I wanna work on building muscle. The problem is, in my effort to build muscle, I’ve noticed I’m also gaining some of my fat back. Clothes are starting to fit a little tighter.

I’ve been doing cardio and added strength training to my routine. To gain muscle, I added more calories to my diet. I’ve been eating lean poultry, whole wheat, fiber, nuts, vegetables etc. I feel I’ve been eating super healthy but I’m just getting fat again 🙁 Any advice?

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to build muscle without gaining fat?”

  1. Diana said:

    thats because muscels weigh more than fat. But you will still look the same except for the fact more muscular and clothes are fitting tighter because of your muscels…their not like how your regular arms use to be so they cant fit so buy stretchy clothes

    hoped i helped =D

  2. J said:

    It really depends on how much of a surplus you are eating. If you are looking to gain muscle quickly there is probably gonna be some fat gain. Its inevitable to gain a little fat but you can minimize it and if you think you are gaining too much then back off and work to lose fat while you maintain muscle mass. Make sure youa re getting at least one gram of protein per lb of lean bodymass daily. Im giving you a link to a free forum where you can get some questions answered and find workouts to help with your journey if you need it.

  3. Remember In November said:

    It may not be fat you are gaining but muscle. You will also gain muscle weight the way your are working out. Muscle needs a lot of energy, so you might get to a point where the muscle feeds off the fat and you won’t gain fat weight if you tried.

    The clothes being a little tighter may also be muscle bulk. Especially in the shoulders and calves. Not huge muscles unless you’re a power lifter, but you will get some nice definition if you keep at it.

  4. Matthew said:

    yeah im doing the same now too. its just all about cardio get an hour or two in everyday and fukin blast it out be ready to puke at the end. hard work is what gets rid of fat and building muscle is the easy part.

    weights first then cardio = no fat and big muscles.

  5. Jilian said:

    Since you are eating healthily, and working out regularly, I would think that the “fat” you think you are gaining is just lean muscle. When I gained muscle weight, I went up a size in clothing NOT because I was getting “fat”. I just had more muscle under my skin that couldn’t fit my normal clothes.
    I got over it fast because I knew that the lean muscle was healthier for me that being vain, and a smaller size.
    Now that I have those beautiful muscles, I feel more confident and am more fit than ever.
    If it bothers you that much about size, just cut the tags out when you get home.
    All in all, you are eating healthy and adding lean muscle. Don’t worry about getting bigger because you are gaining muscle and not fat!


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