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Is it possible to become a UK size 20 to a (comfortable) UK size 12 through dieting?

I am female, 5ft 8inches and 211 pounds (15 stone 1 pound – lost 6 pounds recently)

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12 Responses to “Is it possible to become a UK size 20 to a (comfortable) UK size 12 through dieting?”

  1. gym said :


  2. *Jasmin* said :

    once you exercise everyday you can….

    if you dont exercise while u diet you’ll be left with excess fat that you’ll never be able to get rid of!!

    good luck =)

  3. jude said :

    Yes. Diet and exercise but it will take a while and you really should only aim for loosing about 2lbs a week.

  4. katieolee said :

    Lose some weight…a lady of your size is risking her health. your on the right’ll be a hard slog but stick to it. Extreme dieting will help but visit your doctor first for advice.

  5. teddy said :

    It is, did it myself, but i am not quite as tall. Cut out dairy products, that really does work and drink lots of fluids, it doesn’;t have to be only water, fruit juices with no sugar, are quite good. And stop any junk food dead, you may not eat any already but they really pile on the pounds.

  6. <3 Princess <3 said :

    yeah course you can but it does take time .just exercise regularly and eat healthy with small portions. good luck

  7. traceyannehall said :

    Definately, but dont do it too fast,or pressure yourself too much!!!
    its April-you could loses that much by August,don’t go for expensive unhealthy diets,or pressure based clubs-ask your GP about seeing a dietician-much more effective!!!-remember,men preffer curves not angles,so stay smiling and confidenet,that keeps you pretty no matter what your weight!!
    Good luck! x x

  8. Ruby said :

    Yes, of course. It will take some time, but it’s the only way.

  9. flower said :

    I was always a size eight, then I got ill and went up to size twenty, through hard work determination diet and exercise i am back to size eight. You can do it but it has to be for life not just a year or two. If i put weight on now i nip it in the bud quickly. I have to be thin cos i would be ill otherwise.

  10. Lozy said :

    Yes with time and effort it is achievable. Good luck.

  11. Nicci said :

    Yes of course you can. But first visit your doctor and tell him/her what you are planning on doing. He/her maybe able to help with support from a dietitian, or medication or our local doctor offers a prescription for the local gym, at the leisure centre, whereby you get to use the facilities at a reduced rate.
    Good luck and don’t get disheartened if you reach a plateau just keep going and take stock of what you have done and what you have acheived. It will all be worth it!

  12. ♥WelshAndProud♥ said :

    yes but you have to link healthy eating, not dieting, with an exercise plan that will tone you up cos you don’t want to have excess skin once you have lost all that weight.


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