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Is it normal to gain weight before losing it with exercise?

I have been working a night job which included a lot of physical exercise–stocking the shelves, running from one department of the store to another, etc. It’s my first job in two years–and in the two years I haven’t worked I gained a lot, and I mean A LOT, of weight. Strange thing is I am eating healthier, getting a lot of exercise, but have gained 5 pounds instead of lost weight. Is this just muscle mass or what? What are some things I can do to get the best results in losing a lot of weight?

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6 Responses to “Is it normal to gain weight before losing it with exercise?”

  1. Lady Clare said :

    Definitely sounds like muscles mass to me. Eventually you will notice that you look and feel thinner, despite the higher weight, and eventually the weight (from fat) will drop too because you will burn more calories with the muscle you have created.

  2. damianminogue said :


  3. UsualSuspect said :

    It’s muscle mass, muscle weighs more than fat.
    To lose weight, drink more water and don’t eat after 6 pm.

  4. yjdsgds said :

    Yes, it’s muscle. You may be losing fat, and gaining muscle, so your weight may not change, but you’ll be leaner.

  5. lurky77 said :

    Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you are losing the fat, you are gaining the muscle, which really does show on the scale. Your best bet is not to worry about the numbers….and just pay attention ot how you feel and how your clothes feel.
    Keep a diet and exercise journal. More times than not we eat a lot more than we think we are. I use to help me with this

  6. ♥aLi♥ said :

    You probably know that muscle weighs more than fat. If you gain 5 oz. of fat, you might put on a pound. If you gain 5 oz. of muscle, you’ll probably put on 2 or 3 pounds. (It differs for different people’s body masses.) But it sounds like you gained some muscle! Good for you! There’s nothing to be worried about. And before you weigh yourself next time, make sure you don’t drink any liquid for at least 12 hours. Though you do burn liquid with regular, everyday excercises, (and the rest gets flushed down the toilet), by drinking 8 oz. of water, can cause you to temporarily gain a pound.


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