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Is it legal to have “step” children on your medical insurance policy in the U.S.?

I always thought that children had to be on their legal parent/guardian policy and that insurance companies would not accept non legal family members.
Can someone educate me here, please?
Much appreciated. :~)
Non legal family members and step children: Children that are not legally or biologically yours.

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5 Responses to “Is it legal to have “step” children on your medical insurance policy in the U.S.?”

  1. Finnegan said :

    Of course. If you are on a family plan through your work, you can add step-children. Oftentimes, there is no additional cost per member.

  2. William said :

    Depends on the specific policy and what you mean by “step” (your hyphens) children or “nonlegal family members.”

  3. Dawud said :

    Yes, you can have step children on your health insurance. Both of my daughters are on their step fathers policy ( as he has much better health coverage than I do) but I would check with the insurance company in question as rules vary from company to company. If there is a final order of divorce that stipulates who has to pay the health insurance, than it could get a little sticky, but the short answer is, yes it’s legal and it’s done all the time.

  4. rtfm said :

    Stepchildren *are* legal family members. They’re the children of your spouse. If your spouse is part of your family, by definition (and according to IRS tax law) her children are too. They’re supported by your family income. They *are* your family.

  5. Doctor Deth said :

    if you are married to their parent – it’s perfectly legal – if the biological non-custodial parent doesn’t have access to or can’t afford insurance, are you going to leave them uncovered? – you’ll be paying the $2000+ emergency room bills if you don;’t insure them


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