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Is it just me or are girls getting more muscular these days?

By this i don’t mean huge muscles. I have seen many girls out and about with quite muscly, yet feminine arms (i even saw a girl last week walk past me who was small in height and had a vein running down her bicep when she tensed it carrying shopping bags)

Anyone else noticed this in this modern world?

Girls seeminlgy are less afraid to have this look these days i think because everyone is trying to be fit and healthy.

I say again, i have not seen huge muscles, just very toned looking, sometimes a slight vein in the arm kind of muscle

I guess there’s no reason not to do this as women can have muscle and remain feminine.
coincidence nurgle

and whats wrong with asking about that anyway?

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6 Responses to “Is it just me or are girls getting more muscular these days?”

  1. Gophier said :

    it is the hormones in the food, we eat.. females are also maturing a lot fast these days..

  2. cog1233 said :

    I have noticed this.I have often wondered this about the men too.If you notice the men are getting smaller.In my old school it was nothing to see most of the guys were 5’10 to 6′,now int the same school your lucky if you get some that are over 5’9″ let alone the 6’+ mark.If you also notice they aren’t as big or broad shoulder so to speak.This is a good topic.I would like to see a poll done throughout the U.S.A.

  3. Alaskan Girl said :

    Cuz women rule! we used to have to do all the chore work but now we do that drive everybody everywhere, go to work, exercise, run for president, and more !we are stronger then men and tougher! guys don’t have to have all the muscle you know!

  4. Lyric said :

    I think you’re absolutely right! Women used to be ‘home-makers’ and spend time catering to the wants and needs of their families.

    Now, women have joined the work force – with all that that implies, become very aware of what they and their children are eating (and what foods are healthy/unhealthy for them), and have joined gyms, taken up aerobics, Pilates, weights for toning etc etc etc!

  5. nurgle69 said :

    is it just me or are there a lot of users with strangely similar names contiunosly asking questions about muscular females

  6. Dorthy Galfayan said :

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