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Is it healthy for my fiancée to wear knickers underneath her pyjamas in bed?

She’s done this for years so she says, but I was just wondering whether it was healthy or not.
Well hygienic then
Well hygienic then?

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14 Responses to “Is it healthy for my fiancée to wear knickers underneath her pyjamas in bed?”

  1. Ivan O said :

    who says knickers?
    do you mean underwear?
    thats not unhealthy youre supposed to duh.

  2. George Bush said :

    What is wrong with you?

  3. evil pxie said :

    Um, why wouldn’t it be healthy? You wear knickers under your trousers don’t you?

  4. carmendielectra said :

    it’s absolutley healthy. knickers or no knickers it does not affect your health in any way. pretty much everybody i know wears knickers underneath pajamas. but then we also don’t use the word knickers.

  5. Dorthy_Gail said :

    It is healthy. No big deal. The region does not need to be aired out. It is ok for her.

  6. Laura4eva said :

    yes of course its healthy!

  7. Katherine said :

    You’re just trying to find an excuse for her to take of her knickers in bed.


  8. Rachel said :

    I wear knickers under my gymjams. And yes, I still say knickers too!

  9. jazzman said :

    me thinks you are just trying to make it easier to have a feel.

  10. Fred Bear said :

    In UK and Australia we use the word “knickers” instead of “panties” for women’s lower underwear. UK also uses “pants” for the same thing, whereas “pants” in US and Australia are “trousers”! Confusing, eh?

    It’s fine to wear them to bed, why would it be unhealthy or unhygienic? some guys wear boxers etc to bed.

    Just personal choice.

  11. DAVID R said :

    possibly to mask unpleasant odours ?

  12. Mina S said :


  13. Matt M said :

    who uses the word knickers? Now that is unhealthy. It’s almost as bad as when people call soda “pop” god I hate that.

  14. I am Me said :

    I still use the word knickers. I was brought up not wearing knickers to bed…lol and now i dont wear anything! (im a nudey sleeper)


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