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Is it better to eat a low carb breakfast before working out?

I plan on going to the gym in the morning after breakfast. Will I burn more fat if I eat a low carb breakfast since I’ll have to use stored carbs for energy?

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2 Responses to “Is it better to eat a low carb breakfast before working out?”

  1. ashenfog said :

    If there is ever a good time to have a few carbs, it is before you exercise. Then you will have the NRG to actually get a good workout or run or whatever it is that you are doing on a given day at the gym.

    By failing to have some pre-workout carbs you will not have the power or endurance to complete your exercise with the intensity needed for slenderizing benefits. Carbs are not always your enemy, though a definite reduction in them at the proper times will ensure fat loss. Just remember there are certain times when they are helpful even when you are trying to slim down.

  2. happy said :

    They say high fibs in a morning and high protens like eggs and brown bread and your milk with ceral like weetabics.


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