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Is here any medicine to improve concentration and brain memory?

I am struggling by this problem so refer me please.

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14 Responses to “Is here any medicine to improve concentration and brain memory?”

  1. RexRae said :

    For memory, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12

    Wheat germ (Folic acid, Zinc, Vitamin E)

    Concentration has to be practiced .

    For some tofu/soy is detrimental. Like me.

  2. Fred B said :

    There is this thing in yogurt called omega something. Im not sure look into it

  3. glen and brian said :

    this isn’t medicine, but the japanese say tofu is amazing for helping with memory. also, those video games that have brain teasers, actually help me. after i play one, i feel so much more alert and focused on what i need to be.

  4. Tsunami said :

    you coudl have hdh something i can’t remember what it is and you can go to doctor and be labeled it and get hlep i am sorry i just can’t remember what it is and i had two sons with it and it sok now they are older and more mature. but it helped them

  5. d3r3k67 said :

    BUCKFAST !!!!

  6. Vincent L said :

    Vitamin B Complex (1,6,12) and good rest.

  7. mytwodogs60463 said :

    the more you do thinking games like crosswords and other puzzles the better your brain is for memory.

  8. NJC said :

    FocusSmart its sold without prescription…and i heard is pretty good..but believe it or not the best thing is Mangesium and Zinc u could take it as a vitamin and it helps ur memory and concentration improve =)

  9. fun_bun22 said :

    Essential Fatty Acids, otherwise known as fish oils or EPA-DHA
    Polyphenol found in the skins of red grapes and various other plants
    Vitamin E
    Folate and vitamins B6 and B12

  10. poynergoatco said :

    Look for vitamins with Choline Chloride USP in them.

  11. lorac said :

    Maybe. But are you getting 8to9 hours good sleep each night? If not, try correcting that first and see if it helps.
    Don’t fall for vitamins and supplements that claim to help you focus better. They have no basis in fact.
    Also, how old are you ?

  12. oxyenetics said :

    One of the main things that helps is Omega 3, and although various food processing companies will tell you about the Omega 3 in their foods, one of the highest concentrations is to be found in cod liver oil. This is a natural oil, literally extracted from fish liver. There have been various trials with both young and old people and it has been found to be very positive in its effect on memory, concentration and learning. It is suitable to take as a daily supplement either in liquid form or in capsules. There are no particular bad side effects, even with large dosages. It is thought that long term use is beneficial cumulatively and that use early in life has a lifelong beneficial effect.

  13. Soko said :

    The only thing i heard of are eye q capsules Click on the ‘products’ link at the top, then select a product and on the right side of the page is a link to an information leaflet. Cant say if they work or not though, i have not tried them.

  14. tee jay said :

    oh dear i forgot the question


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