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Is green tea better or ginger powder with honey to help weight loss?

I take green tea and sometimes ginger powder and honey mixed in warm water…but i dont know which is best to keep trying? plz let me know if there are any other stuff that can help loose weight loss-besides exercising as i am already doing that…

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9 Responses to “Is green tea better or ginger powder with honey to help weight loss?”

  1. andy e said :

    neither are any good for fat loss.

  2. SiD said :

    Your best bet is the green tea as it is full of anti-oxidants which are supposed to kill the bad guys in your body. These bad guys are the main cause of fat stored in your body.

    You wouldn’t see the results in just a few days but in a few months so don’t loose the hope and keep it going.

  3. Parahandy said :

    Honey/ can’t you count calories?

  4. anntknee said :

    i am thinking any type of hot drink can be satisfying. no magical or secret ingredient noodlle soup will accelerate weight loss.

  5. Luke H said :

    green tea boosts your metabolism. i would recommend drinking a cup in the morning with a healthy breakfast to get yourself ready for the day. Try drinking about 3 litres of water a day as well as it stops you from eating as much and keeps the metabolism high. Just remember that to lose weight you just need to burn more calories than you are taking in.

  6. Dr Frank said :

    I am afraid only the exercise is going to help you lose weight!

  7. Weezer C said :

    Exercise more, eat less. Christ, it’s as easy as that.

  8. Stephen M said :

    There are many was to lose weight. exercise, healthy eating, plenty of water and a regular sleep pattern. For other great tips to lose weight you should check out the site bellow, there are plenty of very good articles there.

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