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Is artificial sweetener bad for your fat loss?

I am trying to loose fat..does artificial sweetener prevent me from loosing fat? I know they say it causes cancer..but what doesn’t?
What about coffee?

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4 Responses to “Is artificial sweetener bad for your fat loss?”

  1. runningwolf said :

    Yep – see article below. It messes up your metabolism.

  2. jackie m said :

    what difference does it make? you diet you lose weight you eat normal you gain weight plus extra weight – If you are overweight you need to go on a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life and there is only 19 calories in a teaspoon full of sugar. Coffee on its own has no calories, if you eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and evening meal of chicken, potatoes and veg you can have fruit during the day or any amount of vegetable you want, stick to 2000 calories per day and exercises – i have lost 1st 8lb since christmas with cutting out junk food and chocolate as I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic. For over 20 years I have tried every diet there is and lose weight but eat normal foods and gain it again as your metabolic rate slows down when on a diet as your body thinks it is being starved and puts the fat into storage in case it needs it again so that when you eat properly the fat is in storage and it adds more fat to it just in case you starve it again.

  3. karthik said :

    if u r really trying to loose ur fat…..u must do some workouts,,,,, and by using this product u will get result in short period…..if ur not satisfy with this product,u will get ur money back

  4. great ideas said :

    Sugar is that what you mean? Or any sweetener? But I think eating sweets can make you gain weight… Coffee can help your stomach in a proper waste management.


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