Is a cycling class an effective way to loose weight?

I am currently 145 lbs, and I am trying to loose 20. I have been trying to go to the gym regularly, but get really bored with my regular treadmill, stair master. elliptical type work out. I can’t afford a personal trainer to teach me new techniques and work outs. So, today I tried a cycling class at my gym and found it to be really fun. I am not really sore, so if I go again I am thinking I should crank up the intensity. Anyway, my question is: Is taking a cycling class at least 2 days an effective way for me to reach my desired results and will it help me loose weight quickly? I also take yoga or plates one day a week, and do a regular workout (30-40 min cardio and some light toning weights) 1 or 2 other days. If I can keep up this routine, how long will it take to see results? Lastly, is there anything I can do to see results sooner/quicker? Thanks!
Oops, I meant cycling 2 days a week, yoga/pilates 1 day a week, and other work outs 2 days a week. I can’t go to the gym more than 5 or 6 days a week all together.
Oh yeah, I am on a pretty low calorie diet. I eat about 3 or 4 small meals a day and maybe a snack such as a smoothie. My diet mostly consists of salads, fruits, vegetarian sandwiches, soup, nuts, soy, etc. I am not counting calories, but I don’t eat fast food or junk food often.

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2 Responses to “Is a cycling class an effective way to loose weight?”

  1. rena said:

    the best way to lose weight is to switch it up instead of following the same routine every week.

    for instance, one day do yoga for flexibility and stuff and then the next day do cardio, and never the same cardio so it works out different muscles.

    and of course eat healthy…

    you get the picture…hope i helped

  2. holly said:

    an effective way to lose weight is cardio work outs for more then 30 mins lifting waits only build muscle and you wont lose anything just look buffer. After 30 mins of cardio is when your fat starts to burn off less its useless. then about 30 mins after your work out dont eat any fatty foods. this is a good way to workout and actually lose weight. A work out like kickboxing is really good for this.

    Cycling is a aerobic workout the only thing with that is that it is a bit slower in losing weight but works even small amounts of cycling work but are just slower. but this is also great for your health.


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