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In your personal experience, is the “Curves” exercise program helpful in getting fit?

I’m wondering whether to join Curves. I used to use free weights, calisthenics, and a fitness DVD at home, but now my situation has changed & I keep getting distracted.

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4 Responses to “In your personal experience, is the “Curves” exercise program helpful in getting fit?”

  1. Ms. Aeropostale baby! said :

    Yes, but if it doesn’t work out try doing dance classes. If you do do curves I can get you some stuff with hteir logo on it.

  2. melanie r said :

    i was told it it worth it if you want to join a all womens gym.i had called one here in state and asked the lady whats 30 minutes 3x’s week versus 1 hour 3x’s week and she said your not over working your body and within 30 minutes 3x’s week its alot better for your body..i’m joining when i have someone to join with

  3. ricekiller said :

    no actually curves is a fake exercise program, reall wat happens at curves is they round up all the fat people and keep feadding them so that they will keep comeing back.

  4. kristen said :

    hey- i joined curves awhile ago and i hated it. you can only work out for half an hour and cant choose what you want to do and you can never work out alone. it was too expensive and i was a member for 3 months and went 5 times a week.
    i quit and joined fernwood about 6 months ago. its awesome to be able to go in when i want by msyelf (the best part is no men! thank god) and the people there are so helpful and when you join they work out a plan for you and there are classes like body step and pilates etc and then there are member motivators with a personal trainer with like 3 more people and they are things like terrific torso, lovely legs, and they do exercises and things and its really great to be able to work out alone, but have a chance to never be alone, if that makes sense? lol. plus its cheaper than curves.



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