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In Order to build muscle should my muscles be sore from every work out I do?

I know that you need protein,protein protein, and a balanced muscle building diet. Should my muscles be sore from every work out I do, so that I know that i’m breaking down my muscle tissue? Is high weights and low reps the fastest way to complete muscle failure, so that my muscles will be sore quick from my workouts?

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3 Responses to “In Order to build muscle should my muscles be sore from every work out I do?”

  1. Six Paths Of Pein said :

    Well, being sore is a good sign for muscle gain but also, sometimes they wont be sore. Another good sign is when your muscles produce lactic acid, which is when you start lifting and your arms or whatever start burning.

  2. Forager said :

    To make the gains you want requires high intensity lifting. However, this will not always result in soreness. The bigger and stronger you get, and the more experienced at lifting, you will be able to increase intensity considerably. As your body gets used to this level of workout though, the soreness will not come as often.

    This does not mean you are not doing it right!

    I’ve been training for many years and it’s very rare indeed for me to get sore from any workout. I weigh in at over 265lbs with very low body fat percentage so my lifting must be near enough spot on. High intensity, no muscle pain.

    Training to failure is also not always required (although it does feel good!).

    As long as you are growing at a steady rate, eating well, and getting enough recovery time, you are doing just fine.

  3. Muscle Building Advice said :

    When you say few reps, how many are you actually doing? Some suggest that 4-6 reps/set is ideal for maximum muscle growth. But that is not true. If volume is what you’re looking for, then definitly go for 6-8 reps/set.


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