im really fat im only 13 and im 121 lbs i want to lose fat quickly and easily im too young to go to the gym?

what do i do its really hard and i have school i dont have time to go at 5 for a jog dont tell me cardio
I’m 5,1 ft tall

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8 Responses to “im really fat im only 13 and im 121 lbs i want to lose fat quickly and easily im too young to go to the gym?”

  1. King Of Kings! said:

    your not fat your below adverge wieght…

  2. Hanna Montana said:

    some high schools have weight rooms. and there is always school sports. i find doing anything helps you. never be a blob. just be up


    wait, it depends on how tall you are. tell us how tall you are.

  4. icecoolwas99 said:

    Lucky mother f…. Im 14 and only 72lbs.. im trying to eat more but it wont work, and now ur telling me its harder to go down? wthell i hate the world i find it hard to go up and u find it hard to go down..

  5. Harri D said:

    i weigh 140lbs you don`t need to lose weight unless u r like 4ft tall

  6. Truth teller T said:

    HEY im the same age but i weigh 122 pounds but my height is 5 ft 1 , lets be friends ok? be my fan !
    oh and heres the tip: ps. i wanna know too!!!

    tip: just eat healthy and exersize plus in the morning before you do anything , do 20-80 situps everymorning becouse my friend does 30 and shes 90 pounds and the same height and age but i think shes too skinny well good luck!

  7. peacegal said:

    if u are a guy u are below average weight i guess it also depends on your height but i m a girl 13, 5’4 and 110 pounds and im slightly below wheight for girls so u r fine i think

  8. fasfads said:

    hey dude. DONT WORRY. i was exactly that weight when i was 13, depends on your height tho i guess. i was 5’6, and now im 5’8 and 155. and i am not fat at all, as a matter of fact i almost have a 6-pac hahah. so basically, dont worry, youll grow out of it.

    also, i simply refuse to believe that you dont have time for a 10 minute jog. please, i go to a school with an average of 4 hours of homework a night, and i still have time to go to my 2.5 hr swim practices every single night. no exaggeration, no joke. seriously. just admit it, you want a “miracle cure,” something that will make you lose weight without any real effort on your part. but in that case, i would try swimming. at first its not that hard, since your just struggling to get through 4 laps without stopping :p (thats a good thing btw. somehow its not really like effort, its more like… im tired but i didnt work all that hard.). then afterwards, when youre fit, it starts getting harder, since your swimming for time. but dont worry, just join some sort of team that trains you from the bottom up.

    and finally, i know i talk a lot, but im a guy. just saying. basically everything i said in here applies to girls too, except for the weight part, since guys on average have more muscle than girls (just science, not sexism.)


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