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Im musclular but i need help with my abdominal area. I need to lose fat off my stomach. How I need Help?

I need to lose at least 12% body fat asap. Anything wll help I workout everyday for and hour but i have time in the morening so i have to do something at the gym while i wait for someone so i have to be in the gym anyway so please Help.

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4 Responses to “Im musclular but i need help with my abdominal area. I need to lose fat off my stomach. How I need Help?”

  1. sue said :

    genetics play a huge part in our body shapes, and mostly there is nothing we can do to have smaller tummy area, butt area, thinner thighs, fatter butt area, better looking thighs, etc.

    Who says you need to lose 12% of your body fat? the BMI ??? It isn’t designed to scale athletes who have muscle!! It will say almost all athletic persons or those who workout regularly need to lose up to 25% of their body fat.

    Remember fat weighs about half as much as muscle does.

    So do the warm ups, the stretches, and then possibly some laps while waiting for people to appear.

  2. Liz J said :

    sit ups & crunches

    laying flat on the ground and raising your feet about 10in. off the floor while keeping your legs straight. count to 15 then bring your legs down again.
    do that 8-10 times

  3. gwenhaven said :

    You need to first cut some calories. Research has found that just working the muscles around an area does not target the fat in that area. It strengthens and tones the muscles, but the fat is burned from all over the body.
    if you want to burn stomach fat, you might get on the treadmill and start running, or on an exercise bike and start riding circuits. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water before during and after workouts as well as throughout the day. Cut down on foods that give you little nutrition but high calories, and eat more vegetables and fruits, they have fewer calories in general and give you a lot of nutrition that your body needs.
    Double your portions of veggies at meals and cut back on breads (you can even cut bread out, especially white bread) and eat whole grain breads.

    Dont’ know if you wanted to hear all that, but I guess we all have to accept that we can’t just focus on one body area for fat burning, we have to work with our whole body. We aren’t seperate parts, it all works as a whole. 🙂

  4. Shay said :

    You should know as someone who works out often that you cannot spot reduce. You do not burn calories or fat from specific areas of your body. An hour a day sounds like plenty of exercise, especially if it is aerobic. It sounds like you just need to give it time.
    Be sure that you are taking in enough calories per day to support your frequent workouts. If you aren’t, then your body will hold on to that last bit of body fat no matter how much you work out. You’ve heard of “starvation mode” right? As long as you don’t give your body any reason to hang on to emergency fat stores (by not eating enough to fuel your daily activity), your body fat will eventually decrease. I’m afraid ASAP is wishful thinking. Science just doesn’t back it up.
    In the meantime, be proud of your muscles and how fit you are– not everyone has the stamina to work out for an hour or more everyday!


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