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im losing weight rapidly and i dont know why?

my mum thinks im starving myself but im not , im eating normally (normal for me) but still im losing weight – not complaining because im not underweight but i’d love to know where its going? im not groing in any not exercising exessively .. could it be down to stress?

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9 Responses to “im losing weight rapidly and i dont know why?”

  1. Alej said:

    Im going through the exact same thing and i have no idea either. I think it’s the stress that gets my metabolism going fast. My mum wants to take me to a nutritionist because she thinks im not eating but that’s not true.

  2. Leah M said:

    It could be down to stress but if you find that you’re getting too thin and it’s worrying you then you should go to your doctor to have a thyroid function test as an overactive thyroid could make you lose weight and feel really rough. It’s easily cured with medication though

  3. Bunny said:

    You could have diabetes, do you find yourself also having to use the bathroom more frequently? Or you might have a thyroid problem as it’s linked with hormones and your metabolism. You should see a doctor.

  4. michaelsmommy4251992 said:

    Go have your thyroid checked! My Mom went through this and it took them 2 years to actually find out what was going on with her!

    Also, if you are under more stress then usual, this can also be the reason. Hugs to you if your going through a rough time.

  5. kisaka86chrisma said:

    Yea part of it could be that your stressing out your self too much, second may be you are doing other activities too much and forgetting about what you ate and what time you actually eat!.

    I think exercising will help, and eat good balanced meal everyday (three meals /day),like meat, and veggies also don’t forget carbohydrate will give you energy, a lot of fibers!!!!…

  6. Karen G said:

    Hi, you could have an over active thyroid, see your Dr. to get blood tests to see how your over all health is. That way you will be less stressed. For now, be happy.

  7. Gab said:

    but one reason you are losing weight is because you stopped exercising.. it would explain a lot if before you gained a lot of muscle because of exercise and you just recently stopped working out as much.. causing your muscle to turn into fat– losing weight.

    i doubt this is the reason, but it could be.

  8. templarsimon20 said:

    weight is one of those things that comes and goes when IT wants too, your young with a high metabolism just accept that it will fluctuate with each day, as long as your not hungry or feeling sick/ weak, dont worry about it, because that will simply make it worse, you are what you are,

  9. Amy said:

    Im 15 and i lost 14 pounds since like the last 2 weeks and i dont know why either. I wish my mom would recognize something that goes on with me but she doesnt seem to care

  10. Tisha said:

    I am losing weight, and want to know why
    I have and still do have stomac pains….some sever some not that bad…i eat all the time…i have been fatigued for like 2 or 3 weeks now….and i got my period 2x this month also…i also have pelvic and back pain.


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