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I’m known as the FAT girl……?

*Sniffle Sniffle* I’m actualy crying as i write this….
I’m about 14 and weigh lk, 107 pounds, and i short for my age, so i look fat. not extemly fat, but fat. i’m constantly reminded by my mom how i’m going to go back to school and c all the other girls and how skinny they are, and it makes me really sad. i don’t try to eat that bad of foods, but it’s hard in the summer and, because i have a very mild case of ceribal paussie, my left side is weak so i can’t really do sports, so usually my exercise is walking. i don’t feel pretty at all right now. i’m gonna go back as the fat girl, all i want to do is b thin, right now my face is bloated, i have a lil belly and my thighs are so friggen huge! all i wanna to is b thin and feel pretty. my mom says i need to weight only 90 pounds, i would really like to loose this weight quickly, because i know that my legs will look so fat and ugly in jeans, please help me! wats a quick way 2 loose weight! i’m soo upset right now, i just wanna b pretty!

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11 Responses to “I’m known as the FAT girl……?”

  1. jackblack said :

    dont listen to ur mom. just ignore. Just eat healthy for now, as you dont want to mess up with your metabolism as you are still growing. When you turn 18 or so, you can start with a diet plan. For now, dont worry about it too much, just enjoy life as a kid.

  2. Danny K said :

    Forget the quick fix and look into long term permanent answers. We are all beautiful in Gods eyes.

  3. cazdudet said :

    107 is a very small weight. Just eat healthy and work on your self confidence. Maybe going shopping for some new clothes, getting your hair or nails done, or even going to a department store and getting one of those free makeovers will help you feel pretty. I am 15 and know that girls our age can be nasty and make you feel bad about your self. Believe it or not I am self conscious because I am skinnier than most girls, and get picked on a lot. Think about it this way. In 10 years when all those skinny girls are fat, and you are the same weight or a little more, they will be the ones jealous of you.

  4. Sprite said :

    Aw sweetie! No thats fine! I am ten. And I weigh a normal 85. You dont need to be 90. thats normal for my age. But 14 year olds need to be a normal weight of 120. Your little! My friend ways less then me. Her thighs are bigger then mine. come on have plastic surgery when your older. My neighbor is extremely fat. And shes my friend. She weighs a woopin 150. at 10! And she feels beautiful. And so do I. And you seem like you are making your self not feel pretty. But you are! Please dont become one of those anorexic or blumaric kids. Please dont become obsessed with your weight! Take it from me.

    You are beutiful.

    – a fifth grader

  5. elaynekicksass said :

    107 doesn’t sound to heavy for a 14 year old.
    Maybe your mom is a psycho. 90 lbs sound too skinny.
    Does your mom realize that you’re not 9 years old.
    She should be trying to make you feel better about yourself instead of encouraging you to be anorexic.

    Your ideal weight depends on your height more than age.
    Here’s a chart

    You will see that NONE of the weight is 90lbs for ANYONE.

  6. insieme said :

    By creating and following a healthy diet plan, you can give your immune system a boost while keeping your heart and other organs healthy. In order to develop one, you need to keep several things in mind. For example, you should:

    1/Include a variety of foods that are rich in nutrients
    2/Eat a number of fruits and vegetables
    2/Select foods that are whole-grain and high in fiber
    2/Include fish in your diet at least two times per week
    3/Avoid low-nutrient foods ad much as possible
    3/Reduce the amount of foods you eat that contain 4/hydrogenated vegetable oils
    5/Switch to low-fat, fat-free, and 1% fat dairy products
    6/Reduce or eliminate the salt in your diet
    7/Limit the amount of trans fats and saturated fats in your diet
    8/Eat lean meats and avoid eating the skin
    9/Consume alcohol in moderate amounts if you wish to drink
    10/Reduce the amount of sugar-filled drinks you consume

  7. Jabamos22 said :

    107 is not fat. and don’t listen to ur mom she is only putting u down. just eat healthy and it really doesn’t matter wat anybody thinks about u. only wat u think about urself. but it does sound like u need an inspiration 2 make u feel more confident about ur self.

  8. lizzylou5572 said :

    aww sweetheart wipe those tears away!!! YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!! 107 punds is not anywhere near fat!!!! also your only 14, your body is going to be changing and developing so the lil extra weight you have may be distrubuted very nicely(mayb in the chest and butt area!! lol!!) if i were you i would tryn do some toning excersises, but that would be it!! and please dont compare your beautiful self with these thin as a stick bottle blondes!! seriously skinny is not attractive!! especially not to most guys! they want a chic with curves!! take my advice because i went through the same thing your going through and now when i look back on pictures i see how skinny i really was(and wish i could have that body back!!) dont stess about your weight too much… as long as your eating right and doing some toning exercises then youll be fine! and your body will start to develop in time… good luck!! <3

  9. folladj said :

    107 pounds is completely normal! Your mom is destroying your self esteem. Try your hardest to ignore her, you are at a perfect weight for your age! If you think it will help, tell her how she is making you feel. Trust me, you are not fat! You are young and still growing.

    To help yourself feel better, keep exercising and eat right. has great articles about exercising and healthy diets. Dont listen to your mom and focus on your health!

  10. donielle said :


  11. sim said :

    i think if you can do your household jobs especially cleaning the floor of ur home without a mop,will help u reduce ur weight,
    try it!!!


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