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im afraid of getting fat ?

um so how do i loose weight.. fast? im 105lbs and my height is, probably, 5’2.
i really think that im fat 🙁
how do i loose weight fast?
Is bulimia a good way to lose weight quickly? buuuut, im afraid of vomiting LOL

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5 Responses to “im afraid of getting fat ?”

  1. Tinka said :

    You’re 105 lbs and you think you think you’re fat? I think you should go and see a doctor if you are considering bulimia, it’s not a good thing to be bulimic, it’s a illness. Live your life, don’t be affraid of silly things like getting fat. If you get bulimic, you could die from it. If you gain weight, you can go to the gym and lose it. Stay healthy, eat healthy, 3 meals a day, some fruit, alot of water. Excersize regularly and you’ll be fine.

  2. said :

    No. Bulimia is an unhealthy condition.

    You need to eliminate sugar from your diet, eat low fat foods, and eat high protein meals with just enough carbs for you to stay energized. Also, perform consistent and intense workouts 5-6 times a week. Eat the majority of your carbs (whole grains, fruits, veggies) during the morning/lunch and pre/post workout. Drink lots of water to keep from bloating.

  3. stephinie said :

    Please take my advice to heart. You do not weight alot, with your height that is the perfect weight hun. you are probably young and still have growing to go. the more you grow the more you will thin out. i was bulimic and it ruined my stomach, i have to take medicine for life and it can cause espophagus cancer. dont do it, drop soda’s and drink water and you will loose weight fast, also get out of the house some and walk around. Simple as pie, however there is no fast way to do it.

  4. Existential Blues said :

    Your weight is fine, and you aren’t fat. Also, bulimia will definitely not make you lose weight. I know a girl that throws up her food, and she is still overweight. You need to change your frame of mind, not your body. Just focus on being healthy. Also, a few years ago, I was sick and threw up for about a month straight every day, and it made my voice really hoarse because of the stomach acid. It took months for my voice to go back to normal.

  5. hmm... said :

    one of my biggest frears is getting fat, how shallow of me:L along with being old and dislocating my knee. well if you think you’re fat eat more healthily and exercise, also bulimia is a disease, plus if you’re afraid of vomiting kind of a stupid thing to ask? i don’t think you really decide one day to become bulimic either. i don’t really know if 105lbs for a 5’2 person is fat, it could all be muscle lol, umm i am around 120lbs and 5’8 if that’s any help :s. But if you think you’re fat then exercise or eat less, crash dieting is a bit of a fail since you are likely to put more weight on when you stop dieting, so get running i guess!


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