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I’m about 5’6 and weigh about 240 lbs. What can I do to lose weight fast?

I used to play football back in high school and was in really good shape but all of a sudden I just got fat. I want to get into a decent shape and not be embarrassed about my body when i take my shirt off. I am only 20 years old. What can I do to lose weight as fast as possible and get in a healthy shape?

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3 Responses to “I’m about 5’6 and weigh about 240 lbs. What can I do to lose weight fast?”

  1. x3lovenlustx3 said :

    i dunno who that dude is … Clyde whatever.. he left me the same answer haha… but anways… Um.. i actually just lost 105 pounds since last august and i did it by watching my calorie intake starting at around 1200 and…staying around 20 fat grams but thats just for ME you have to do whats best for you… you can find calorie counters online that averages up how many Calories aday you burn and you could eat like… 1500 if you burn… 2100 aday and that would be 600 of fat from your body it burns and exercising of course and when shopping stay away from trans Fat completely and low sat. fat… and… also try buying everything… Fat Free or atleast fewer calories and fat grams but that trans fat is what will do it..i actually lost a TON OF Water weight like 25 pounds in my first month… and when you think about breaking your diet just think i’m only gonna taste this a Second and then i’ll have a whole body full of guilt it helps alot good luck with this hope i helped i’ll post you a calorie counter 🙂

  2. indianguitarist said :

    first thing first mate u have to remember taht loosing weight is a reasonably long process and requires alot of time and patience. remember that what u may lack in height u can always make up for in width. judging by your height u should try to at least 150 lbs. the best thing to start off with is walking. for at least an half an hour- an hour a day. also cycling can be very affective. once u start getting a little bit into better shape. try alternating your walking into a slow jog or if u can go to a park and say do 10 metres of power walking, 10 metres of joggin an 10 metres of running as fast as u can for at elast half an hour a day.

    once youve lost some more body fat, start doin sit ups remember sit ups wont really make u loose much weight there more meant for toning. start with 1 set of 15 and then increase as your abdominal muscles get stronger.
    if u have the time and money joining up at a local gym is a good idea. if u can go with a friend it is a major plus as they can spot and motivate you.
    remember that u just want to get lean and not bigger so you would want to focus on less weight and more repetions of the weight. a weight which you could comfortably but still find challening to do of with 15-20 repetions.
    if u dont like training at the gym then push ups and chin ups are excellent for your upper body and believe it or not your abs too. yes push ups in particular can work your abs as when you are pushing against gravity you need a considerable amount of balance which really strengthen your core muscles(stomach muscles). once you can do 20 pusups confortably garb a few water bottles, chuck em in a strong bag, put the bag on your back and do pushups. the extra weight really helps your abs.

    swimming id have to say is the best thing for body toning as its the only thing that can work your lower back which is were alot of fat builds and that is not dangerous to your lower back.

    as for your diet. if you are goin to work out i suggest a carb diet (oats are the best) also try having some protein if your working out (egg whites and white meat are great)

    well mate i hope i could of been os some help
    cheers conrad

    once u feel that tht you have lost a certain amount of body fat

  3. iwannaknow said :

    Everyone ! I just started taking Metabolife ultra , in combination with the Atkins diet . I started the Atkins on 8/22/08 and then metabolife Ultra the day after . I’ve lost 9 lbs. so far . I’m used to eating in the afternoons . That’s my only bad habit . Well not anymore ! I dont’ eat as much and am doing the Atkins. I’m excited . I only have to take the Metabolife after I eat lunch . In order to curb my appetite . It works . I’m a mom of 5 and am struggling to lose baby weight . .


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