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I’m a 13 yr old black girl who was 240 and i was wondering how do you loose weight so quickly?

i haven’t been fat my whole life but now im a eighth grader i know that people will talk more and more about me and i dont want that so i need a way to loose weight without makeing myself throw up or going on extreme diets
i meant who waighs 240 yall know exactly what i mean smart asses
my height is 5’10

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22 Responses to “I’m a 13 yr old black girl who was 240 and i was wondering how do you loose weight so quickly?”

  1. Kool Nick said :

    Go to Mcdonald’s more often

  2. /::/ said :

    How can you be 13 now and 240 before?

  3. Sarah B said :

    Exercise that burns more calories than you eat.

    That’s the only way. Not a big secret.

  4. KumoFF7 said :


  5. Robert D said :

    Eat vegetables. Drop the fatty stuff and exercise more.

  6. Live 4 Something or Die 4 Nothin said :

    its all about the diet (eating healthy) and exercise

    unless one does some sort of liposuction, there is no easy way in this world

    Weight loss takes a lot of hard work and dedication

    good luck

  7. Bob said :

    Best thing to do is control what you eat and exercise accordingly.

  8. Rolyn- yn flîn ddiawledig said :

    The word is LOSE…’loose’ is the opposite of ‘tight’.

  9. Hotdot200 said :


  10. Dreamer said :

    no way

  11. iamnotaliar said :

    Try exercising, taking long walks or try jogging.

  12. Andy said :

    Its actually really easy eat less and move more.
    Eat healthier and move around more and if you dont cheat on your diet you will be in normal weight in half a year

  13. Thomas said :

    eat healthy, Not allot of carbs. Stick to some natural food…noting processed. Lots of fruits and veggies. try to keep them pretty plain. count calories but don’t go crazy over it. cut out some sugars ,soda, cookies all the good stuff.

  14. ηαтινε♥gıгℓ said :

    Just go for a walk/run/jog, or do 20-30 sit ups each night before you go to bed. Get your cardio up, once you get it up then you can exercise more harder. Just start eating more healthier, that will definitely help you.

  15. Tammi Miami said :

    eat lots of fruit & salid & natural food avoid all corn syrupe, candy & junk food even if its for halloween also count calories but dont go to crazy with that & work out & do yoga & walk to school if you can 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. diana said :

    Maybe you should ask you pediatrician (aka your doctor) at your next appointment. I’m sure they’d be happy to suggest good habits and a specific diet plan for you! Or maybe ask your mom ;]
    Good luck

  17. Lola:) said :

    How tall are you? Your really tall… Thats a good thing though. You probably only have to lose a hundred pound or so. But I suggest you ask this in the diet and fitness section because there are alot of people there that are really good at this type of thing there.

  18. Porcelain said :

    Try to run a mile everyday. At first you probably won’t be able to, but just run until you can’t anymore. THen walk and rest up, then run some more. Also start eating salads and drinking water. Avoid fast food and junk food.

  19. Techwreck rck* said :

    um ur soposed to do this:
    100 jumping jacks
    50 sit ups
    50 push ups
    run 30 mins a day
    drink 8 glasses of water
    if u 13 u should eat about 2,000 calories a day so watch out
    and yes Mc donalds is the best place to eat *not!!!!!!!*
    how can u weigh 240 POUNDs and 13????

  20. Mary Mary Quite Contrary said :

    So,you were skinny before,and just gained all that weight last weekend?

    Common,you know,eating right and excersising

  21. Jaws :D said :

    There’s this thing called Body For Life, it’s not an extreme diet. it’s just a health plan that gives you menus and a work out plan. The food is actually really good and it’s a good workout that isn’t too intense. It has really helped a lot of people in my family lose a lot of weight and be healthy. It’s two books that you buy, one contains the menu, the other is about the workout.
    Here’s a link:

    Best of luck to you. 🙂

  22. :) said :

    Eat about 1500 calories a day and try to do 1/2 an hour of cardio excersise like running or fast walking

    kickboxing is good too

    dont eat junk food. eat mainly wholegrains, low fat dairy, lean proteins (anything as long as you cut the fat off) fruits and vegetables.

    don’t fry foods. grill, bake or boil. but stir fries are an exception they use little oil


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