I’m 15 and weigh 58 kilos – i’m 5ft 1″ – How can i lose fat off my body?

I want to lose weight and fat off of my body. How can i do this by not going to a gym or clubs. Can i do anything at home or eat differently?

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9 Responses to “I’m 15 and weigh 58 kilos – i’m 5ft 1″ – How can i lose fat off my body?”

  1. fstyless said:

    Slim fat

  2. rguenette00 said:

    Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

  3. pinkredness said:

    uhm…dont eat any junkfood
    exercise….and drink alot of water..
    and try about 200 skipping (skipping ropes )everyday
    it will help you grow taller and lose wait at the same time

  4. Wrenchman57 said:

    You are slightly overweight. The best way to cut fat from your body is to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet and reduced your fat consumption.

  5. LOST said:

    well i gess u can

    but i dont recomend it

    coz u wont look good as a sceleton

  6. sammi jo said:

    you can always get more fruits and veggies in your diet- and cut out red meats. Eat more lean proteins. Given the fact you don’t wanna exercise to go with it- eating right will only do so much. Think ’bout getting some exercise involved too! good luck. Happy new year.

  7. summer said:

    eat often but a little bit, at least every three hours!
    try to eat meat with vegetables , etc…
    and stay optimistic , good mood it helps!

  8. Jacek the Ripper said:

    Of course…
    Check out the young master and maybe next Richard Simmons.
    Eventhough he is young he actually makes some great points.

  9. Anki C said:

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