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I’m 14, 5’3″, 189, and loosing weight…tips?

What is a simple exercise plan that I can add to my current.

My doctor says to stay out of the sun as often as possible, because with my medication that dries out my skin, I am at much much higher risk for skin cancer, plus I am a fair skinned red head, so Indoor exercises and morning and night are best!

Currently, I walk for about 40 minutes each morning, (5:30)
Then at noon I do a 20 min ‘core training’ video with a voga ball.

Any help or tips for loosing weight quickly would be great!

My diet is very healthy, and always has been. I’m on a vegan diet pretty much, granoloa cereal with soy milk for breakfast, about 1/2 cup,
Then usually an apple with natural peanut butter for mid-morning snack, and usually leftover dinner for lunch, then an afternoon snack of nuts or fruit. Dinner is usually something like rice noodles with squash and zuccini and tofu with a salad that we have alot.

How long do you think it will take me to loose 60 pounds this way?
I also only drink water and sometimes hot tea,
but I drink a 16 ounce glass with each meal and snack. We eat ALOT of soy and soy products. And many veggetables aswell.

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3 Responses to “I’m 14, 5’3″, 189, and loosing weight…tips?”

  1. goashhleygo said :

    what you’re doing right now seems very reasonable. I’m sure you’ll start to see the numbers fly off the scale. However, when you keep the same routine day to day, your body can get bored and results will slow down so you’ll have to increase your intensity or length of excercise. For instance, walking a little faster, maybe even try jogging for a few minutes during your walk. Keep eating healthy too! It sounds like you’re doing really good, you’re already trying really hard which most people are unwilling to do. Remember the slower the weight comes off, the slower it will come back. Thats why crash dieters that lose it very fast gain it back so fast too! By the end of aug im sure you can be in the 150lb range 🙂

  2. Richard Kevin said :

    Essentially, a healthy diet and exercise is all it comes down to. Your diet is already very good and your exercise routine, while it could be more intensive, is decent. I think in 2 or 3 months you should lose ~20 lbs. Only thing I can suggest is to RUN for 40 minutes instead of walk and add some light weight training routines.

  3. Pratima A said :

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