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If you are in hospital in the USA and you reach the limit on your medical insurance during your treatment?

what happens?

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6 Responses to “If you are in hospital in the USA and you reach the limit on your medical insurance during your treatment?”

  1. Atari_800_XL said :

    payment plan they treat you you pay them each week for the next few years and pray you do not get sick again

  2. kanlicali2000 said :

    Than you are down & out….

  3. wcanoodle said :

    They have some programs to write off care for indigent patients and you could qualify for medicaid (you would probably have to sign over property to go to the govt. upon death or sell it to pay bills and not have much savings).

    Technically all they have to do is make sure that your condition is “stable” when they send you home or to a nursing home. Stable meaning that you are not going to be in distress (from major pain,bleeding or breathing difficulty, etc) or die anytime soon.If you have a terminal illness (6 months from death) then they can hook you up with hospice organization to give you pain meds,etc and other care while you are dying.

  4. engineer50 said :

    You are responsible for whatever the insurance doesn’t pay, unfortunately.

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