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If I lose some weight, will more of my penis be visible?

I feel like about two inches of my penis is hidden by what I call my “fat hump” around my penis just above it. If I lose about 30 pounds, will I gain about 2 more visible inches?

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6 Responses to “If I lose some weight, will more of my penis be visible?”

  1. Monib said :

    yes, you will….

  2. Barcode said :

    Correct. It won’t make it any longer – but it will APPEAR longer.

  3. Kiara said :

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  4. kelvin S said :

    Amazingly yes you will.

  5. Rev. Jules The Muse said :

    You don’t gain inches in your penis. Your penis will look larger because you won’t have a gut to dwarf your size.

  6. Incognito said :

    On an episode of Oprah I learned that ever 20 lbs a man loses, an inch of his penis will be uncovered by the fat lost.


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