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If I exercise will I only build muscle underneath fat or will I lose fat?

For some reason I’ve never been able to get rid of my extra stomach fat, what exercises should I do to lose weight and lose fat on my tummy? I have been trying sit ups and crunches, doing about 50 and 100 each day, but I’ve heard that sit ups aren’t as effective as once generally thought.

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3 Responses to “If I exercise will I only build muscle underneath fat or will I lose fat?”

  1. 86544425 said:

    Just doing 50-100 sit ups a day isn’t enough. By doing that, you’re building muscle under all of that fat. You can have rippling abs, but they won’t be visible. To get rid of all that excess fat you’re going to need to burn it off.. there’s no such thing as directly losing fat in one area of your body, it’s spread out and the way you can eventually accomplish your goal of getting rid of it all is to do cardio.

    Any form of cardio is good, indoor/outdoor, for at least 30 minutes a day.. you also need to be eating healthy, no junk..

  2. Katie said:

    To loose weight you should try more cardiovascular training and plyometrics. You basically want to stay moving for a period of time. Sit ups are okay, but to loose weight quicker add on to that. Try running long distance and box jumps, or just quick side to side hops for a few minutes. And make sure you do several reps as well. Maybe join a jazzercise class or boxing or something, it could help to have an instructor. Hope this helps!

  3. Andrew said:

    hear is a great workout plan for you:
    Do sprint training (about 10-15 50m-100m sprints with short brakes in between)
    Ride your bike or walk instead of using the car as much as possible
    Do situps, pushups, dips, lunges, and squats every other day (every day = injury)
    stretch a lot

    don’t forget to eat healthy foods and drink lots of water! It’s tough but i know you can do it! Good Luck!


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