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iam stopping smoking soon . what has worked for you?

a few people i know said champix really works but is hard to get hold of , whats been the best for you?

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3 Responses to “iam stopping smoking soon . what has worked for you?”

  1. AW said :

    It was Jesus who helped my husband off smoking. He smoked since a teenager. When he became a Christian he did not stop smoking because he said the Bible never said that he cannot smoke. One day, the Holy Spirit told him that he’d get lung cancer if he continues. These words confirmed with the pain that he had been feeling. Without much effort, suddenly he got turned off by smokes. Pray and ask Jesus to help you get off smoking painlessly by expelling the spirit of addiction from your life.

  2. quo vadis said :

    Nicotine replacement therapies are very effective and even more so when coupled with counselling and support regimes.
    There are a range of NRT’s, including patches that give a continuous low dose supply of nicotine and nasal sprays and inhalators that give a quick “hit” of nicotine.
    My personal recommendation would be for the inhalator as it most closely mimics the delivery of nicotine from smoking and it is far easier to self regulate the dosage than with patches. I found with an inhalator that it was convenient and stopped the cravings in the early days very effectively. After you’re over the initial withdrawal phase ( 2 or 3 days)it gets easier.
    Remember also that nicotine has a slight anxiolytic effect , so that you may need to anticipate stressful situations and how you will deal with them without reaching for a cigarette. I just keep my inhalator handy and very occasionally have a few drags.
    By the way, Jesus is unlikely to help you in this respect for several very good reasons, including, but not limited to: his non-existence and his inability to interact with nicotinic neuroreceptors

  3. Marco's girl said :

    Dear Best of British: Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking…I applaud you. I was a smoker, but I quit before the nicotine patches were invented…so if I can do it, so can you! I just made up my mind to do it and followed through. I chewed gum and sucked on hard candy every time I got the urge. It is hard, but can be done…even without an aid.

    Let me give you some incentive…my three older brothers and one nephew…all who smoked are gone now…they all died from Lung Cancer. My mom, also a smoker died young, not from Lung Cancer, but from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), which is a direct result of smoking. The last years of her life were spent in a wheel chair, as she didn’t have enough breath to walk. I was with her has she died…she suffocated and it was a terrible death.

    So please consider all the above to reinforce your decision to stop now. The disease, the smell, the cost…all of this should help you every time your resolves dissipates.

    The very best of luck to you.


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