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I want to simulate a 15 mtr beep test on a treadmill. Can anyone provide details of equivalent time and speed?

I want to be able to train for a beep test using a treadmill, as well as doing it the traditional way. I need to be able to convert a 15 metre beep test to enable me to simulate it on a treadmill. Can anyone provide a list of speed and times, say up to level 10?

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2 Responses to “I want to simulate a 15 mtr beep test on a treadmill. Can anyone provide details of equivalent time and speed?”

  1. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    I have never done a bleep test but is this what it is –
    You have a marked distance, say 15mtr and you have to run between the start and finish within a certain time, and then back but a bit quicker, and repeat with the times getting shorter and your speed getting quicker?

    One thing I saw was that you could have a starting speed of 8kmh which is a convenient 5mph (not sure what your treadmill speed is in). So here is what I would do, set the treadmill going at a jog for a minute just to warm up (dont get out of breath too much), then set the speed to 5mph or 8kmh. Run at that speed for 7 seconds – that should be just over 15mtr. Increase the speed by 0.5kmh, or 0.2mph and run at that speed for 7 seconds again, then increase the speed and run for 6 seconds at that one and then again for 6. Keep increasing the speed and reducing the time to give you 15mtr runs

    speed (kmh) Time (s)
    8 – 7
    8.5 – 7
    9 – 6
    9.5 – 6
    10 – 5
    10.5 – 5
    11 – 5
    11.5 – 4
    12 – 4…..

    Thats the closest I can think of to give you the 15mtrs sprints.

    You can do this a slightly different way that is easier to do on a treadmill. Jog for your minute to warm up and then set the speed to 8kmh, 5mph. run along and increase the speed at a set number of seconds, say every 10 by 0.5kmh or 0.2mph, and just keep doing that untill you cant go any more.This will give you a better stamina than the actual beep test


    Thanks Chris (below), when I did the sums I thought it was a bit odd and distances a bit short.

    Yes, on the treadmill I would run and every minute put the speed up a little (1/2 kmh or about 0.2mph). I do do that sometimes and can manage about 10 minutes (though starting a bit faster than 8/5kmh). The treadmill I use can go up to about 12mph – about 20kmh

  2. Chris said :

    The above answerer is close, but is based on an inccorect guess of how the bleep test works, the levels are not individual 15 meter spronts. Level 1 will not be 15 meteres, with level 2 15 meters etc. Instead they are time based, you will do 60 seconds approx at each level doing an appropriate number of shuttles. Each level will consist of several 15 metere sprints, not an individual one. The test would be over far too quickly to give any real reading if that were the case.

    Taking this into account the way for doing it on the treadmill becomes obviosuly simple. Level 1 is done at 8.5 kph, and lasts a minute, level 2 is 9 kph and lasts a minute. So to simulate the test start at 8.5kph, and every 60 seconds stick the speed up by 0.5 until you cannot go any faster (due to ability or machine limits, many treadmills max speed being limited 16kph). I’ll do a list, as you asked for it:

    1: 8.5 kph/60 sec
    2: 9 kph/60 sec
    3: 9.5 kph/60 sec
    4: 10 kph/60 sec
    5: 10.5 kph/60 sec
    6: 11 kph/60 sec
    7: 11.5 kph/60 sec
    8: 12 kph/60 sec
    9: 12.5 kph/60 sec
    10: 13 kph 60 sec


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