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I want to lose weight fast any tips tricks or ideas?

I really want to lose weight for my brothers wedding which is soon and go down 2 dress sizes don’t know where to start and i want kind of fast results any ideas??

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12 Responses to “I want to lose weight fast any tips tricks or ideas?”

  1. King Of Mercia 1978 said:

    jump up and down on your bed like you’re possessed by a demon – have your parents on the go for a week doing this, hopefully enough fatty substances will shred off your ‘overweight’ body.

  2. TRACEY G said:

    Eat less, exercise more – simple innit!

  3. << Anniiioo >> said:

    drink plenty of water, stay away from snacks (i know it’s hard), eat more of the food that can make you full and less of the food for your own satisfaction, which isn’t always as easy as it seems, but once you lose that weight, you’ll feel incredible..!

  4. Apoc said:

    Eat healthily, cutting out snacks and bad foods. Exorcise regularly (cardio – running, swimming, cycling etc..)

  5. queendoleen. said:

    Drinkk water (:

  6. Elvis said:

    Hello, I’m a doctor. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to I hope that it will help you.

  7. biblecodeangel said:

    Do the Atkins and you will lose a pound a day if you don’t cheat. It is the only diet that ever worked for me.

    It is basically just meat, cheese, eggs and green veggies/salads for the first two weeks. And if you want something sweet drink coffee with heavy cream.

    The maintenance part is easier after the first two weeks as you can add in nuts and berries.

  8. foontic said:

    Definitely don’t eat too much of cheeseburgers, or other fattening food, especially at the restaurants. Exercise a lot, if you get tired and lazy, try to realize how bad you would look if your fat would show. Drink tea, dont starve yourself, but exercise. Good luck on that.

  9. bavwill said:

    More gym and health food. Less couch and potato chips.

  10. dizzy_lilly said:

    im not joking but im losing 1lb every day , all im doing is drinking 2 cups of green tea a day , eating chicken /meat and fruit , ive lost 5lbs in 5days ,

  11. Chelsea said:

    well i drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day…and dont snack its hard but it helps…wehn i want soemthing sweet i eat 10 calories jello! dont strave urself!! im losing 1 or 2 pounds a day and ocasionally more

  12. Shilo said:


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