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I want to lose weight fast any ideas?

Hey! I’m 14 I weigh 135 pounds
I am 5’4
I want to lose weight fast.
My doctor told me I am a little over weight but did not tell me what to do to lose the weight so do you know any healthy ways to lose weight fast?


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2 Responses to “I want to lose weight fast any ideas?”

  1. Merp said :

    Cut out sugar and salt – stick to only healthy carbs, and limit those (i.e. ONLY wheat-based carbs – few and far between, and at breakfast time only). Drink a ton of water. Exericse.

  2. milla m said :

    well im doing the same thing too.. it really depends on how desperate you are to lose weight. i go with my own technique and it has been helping me out great.

    but its almost somewhat different for me because i am 5″8


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