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I want to lose fat but i dont want to gain any muscle?

I want to look frail and not built. but i dont know how to do that without exersizing and everything, so how would i do that? i dont really like that whole muscular look. im 5’0 90lbs and im pretty thin but i want to lose a bt of extra fat on my but and inner thighs and stomache.
Sort of wanting to go for a Kira Knightly type body.
and i really dont want to lose weight, just extra fat.

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2 Responses to “I want to lose fat but i dont want to gain any muscle?”

  1. Emma said :

    Your already underweight I dont see how you want to lose any more weight! You wouldnt be healthy!

  2. Nicola V said :

    oh god, u are slim.. the bum and thigh area are great to have a bit of juice on, guys love that, knightly looks like shes about to waste away?, i dont understand why you would want to look like that lol, ah well everyones different and have different views, perceptions and opinions on things, so i will help you out.
    cut out most of your protein. protein is what builds our muscle and repairs it. you dont want tocut out all if it though, just reduce as its important to repair. dont do any strength training, as you probably already know that. For exercise i suggest running as its a core exercise.. do this first thing in the morning before breakfast, they reason is because it will burn the fat, rather than going through burning the carbs and protein.. then the fat.. when you get back, make sure you regain your energy pretty musch straight away, eating a banana is great as it is a complex carbohydrate and has low GI.
    hope i helped


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