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I recently had a accident at my church, the churhes insurance had a medical limit of 5,000. I do not have insu?

I do not have insurance and the medical bills are really adding up. I really was hurt. What is the right thing to do?.

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10 Responses to “I recently had a accident at my church, the churhes insurance had a medical limit of 5,000. I do not have insu?”

  1. Lightning Rodney said :

    pray for healing or a good lawyer

  2. Worldly25 said :

    Ask the church to pay the medical bills otherwise you will need to sue to recoup your losses.

  3. Felidae said :

    The Church’s insurance has a limit of £5,000? Are you sure – that’s a pitifal amount.

    It really depends on what your injurys are – but try claiming against the church itself rather than their insurance. otherwise – you can try suing them.

  4. Roosh said :

    If the accident was caused by the fault of the church then they should pay. If they have not adequate insurance that is not your fault and is their problem. Sue them for the amount you are out of pocket.

  5. John G said :

    did you fall from grace

  6. ? said :

    Have you given the Pastor (or other Elder responsible for finances) copies of the bills?

    Have you asked the church to help you? Depending on what happened, and if I had any responsibility for the accident, I would at least ask if they can help you out.

    The bible states, ask and ye shall receive.

    If that doesn’t work, find a new church, get a lawyer and sue. Or not.

    Sorry and good luck

  7. jeff k said :

    Ask your God for the money, ah yes that’s right! There is no God, if there was such a thing as God, do you think he/she would let you have an accident in his house so that you could sue one of his/her employee’s, no my friend! God is an invention of man, someone else to blame or justify their wrong doings in the name of God! Theft, Murder, Genocide, and any other sick format of injustice that is committed in the name of religion.. wake up you people and take responsibility for your own actions.

  8. Judy said :

    You might be able to collect by suing them, if the accident was their fault and not partly yours.

  9. RONALD K said :

    Maybe You should try to google it first ,nonetheless, if you prefer some direct resource ,here might be helpful.

  10. Louise R said :

    If the church was at fault, they have a liability to pay for the accident.

    The insurance is THEIR insurance, not yours.

    If someone burgled your house, stole £50,000 worth of items and you were only insured for £5,000, you’d have to find the other replacement costs yourself.

    If the church’s negligence has caused an accident, they must pay your costs. Their insurance will help them; they ought to have been far better insured.

    You need to take legal advice quite swiftly as you may find yourself having to sue the church.


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